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The control system for forklift trucks is in many ways very simple, however when used by inexperienced workers they can be dangerous. Forklifts are an incredibly useful tool, and in many cases are absolutely essential for the transport of goods in storage facilities, warehouses and construction sites.
However, many people do not realise the amount of training that is necessary before a person can use a forklift.
There are various types of machines that all require different skills to operate, view this guide on the different forklift trucks. Nowadays there are a number of licensing companies, known as accreditation boards, which can provide forklift drivers with an accredited forklift or flt license, which shows that you are trained in forklift driving and understand safety and repair protocols. These accreditation committees use a lot of different training companies, which have instructors who do the teaching. Once you pass these, the trainer will write to the accreditation board, which will then send you your license. The main two well-known accreditation boards are the Road Transport Industry Training Board and the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register. On top of these two boards, there is the Association of Industrial Truck Trainers, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the National Plant Operator’s Registration Scheme (NPORS) and Lantra National Training Organisation. There is no meaningful difference between the accreditations, so if you see any of these names on a training course website or hand-out, then, assuming it’s genuine, it will get you a license at the end. In general forklift courses accredited by these bodies will cover a few main areas, which you will need to know about before you can get into a forklift. This is absolutely central to all qualifications, and it’s largely why you have to do them in the first place.
This is probably the most important part of the qualification for the majority of operators – actually learning to handle a forklift. It will also cover the theoretical basis behind driving a forklift and the general practice in the repair of faults.
You select the answer you think correct, and get points depending on how many you answer correctly. For people who are not confident in their reading ability, or for whom English is not their first language, the theory test can often be taken orally, so that the examiner will read the questions aloud, and you then answer them. The theory test is the easier of the two tests to prepare for, because everything you need to know has been told to you. There are several of these tests available on the internet, and they set you test questions which you can use to see how much you remember and what you need to read up on.
The practical test deals a lot more with the operation of the forklift than the theory does. The test itself will typically involve checking over a forklift for malfunctions, perhaps repairing errors, and then safely completing tasks set by the examiner. Sometimes, in courses which qualify you for multiple forklift types, the test may be divided between two forklift subtypes. If you really want to get prepared, consider talking to a qualified forklift driver before the course. Some courses may ask you to complete a separate health and safety test prior to your forklift training theory test.
Once you have your forklift license, you will be covered to drive any truck types that were covered on your course.
Also, if you want to add to your license, to be able to drive other forklift types, you will need to take a conversion course.
The good news is that these refresher courses are nowhere near as difficult as the original test. Conversion courses are designed to allow workers with experience in one type of forklift to move into another, without having to be re-taught what they already know. There are a number of different ways of getting onto a forklift driving qualification course.
As part of many free to learn and government backed ‘back to work’ schemes, companies are subsidised to allow you to take the forklift certification. Conversion course costs will depend on the truck type, however for this form of training prices tend to start at around ?500-600.
This is a large financial investment, and it is worth thinking about whether it is worth the expenditure to you. Firms that offer longer courses are often tacking on unnecessary extras, so make sure you know what you’re paying for.
They are offered by the majority of training boards, as well as a large number of smaller companies. Typically they will provide you with everything that you would receive from the classroom section of the forklift licensing course. Online training can be a good step in getting your forklift license; however they will not get you the full license. Getting a licence and being able to drive one safely opens up many new career opportunities.
Safety Officers – responsible for safe operations on the fireground and insures injuries are reported and documented. Shift Commander Suburban  - Deputy Chief responsible for the North and South response areas and personnel. Ambulances (BLS) - An ambulance staffed with 2 EMT's operating in the capacity of an Emergency Medical Technician providing prehospital care. Squad Unit - A Squad is an EMS unit that consists of two paramedics, usually in a suburban or other vehicle that responds to an incident to administer advanced medical care. Technical Rescue Trucks - The primary purpose of the Rescue unit is to excavate and rescue.
Evacuation Boats - Placed into service during times of high-water, primarily used when there are a large number of people trapped in high waters.
Rehab Truck - This special piece of equipment  is designed to re-hydrate firefighters and can be called for use by captains and district chiefs to an incident. Mobile Ventilation Unit – This special piece of equipment is used to disperse large volumes of smoke within a designated area. Firefighter Trainee or a Cadet, civilian being trained at the HFD training academy to be a firefighter.

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They tend to be fairly simple to operate, especially for people who can drive a car, and they help to lift loads that other readily accessible workplace machine cannot. Where this isn’t carried out, forklifts can make the workplace a fairly dangerous environment. The course will have both practical and classroom elements, and at the end there are two tests, the theory and practical tests. In many ways this can seem complicated and strenuous, but the rewards can be great, and once it’s broken down it can take less than a week to get yourself licensed.
These last four tend to cover heavier plant machinery; they will train rough terrain forklift drivers and heavier weight machines such as telehandlers.
However, fortunately, they all use the same test system, meaning that, so long as you are accredited by one board to drive a particular type of forklift, your license will cover you for every UK company that you might want to work for. This will include keeping your forklift up to scratch, general, simple repairs and ways of looking after it to ensure that it doesn’t break down.
This part of the qualification will deal with the day to day handling, general controls, turning circles and speeds.
Effectively, the instructor should teach you all the theory that you need to safely get behind the wheel of a forklift. Health and safety will be covered extensively, likely going through individual safety protocols on a step by step basis. This will involve driving a forklift truck and performing simple tasks, watched by a supervisor. Examiners are looking for candidates who carefully complete tasks assigned to them, fully and safely.
This will all depend on the size of the testing company involved and the machinery they have available. It is usually done shortly after the hands on training, not giving you much time to prepare. However, for some qualifications, there may be extra tests which you will need to complete to get your qualification, to maintain it or renew it.
This will typically involve a format a lot like the theory test, with multiple choice questions and a classroom component. However, it will usually be necessary to take forklift refresher training after a certain period of time, typically three years, which will let you renew your license. This will get you a license for the new kind of forklift, and expand your employability and usefulness to your company. This is not technically a legal requirement; however the vast majority of companies will make you do it.
You will be taught your way around the forklift truck you want to learn to drive, the things that make it different to other trucks, and quirks in handling and health and safety that you have to remember, which may not have come up in your other general work. This is because it is very rare that a large construction firm can’t use more forklift drivers. When looking for a job, it gives you an advantage over other, not so pro-active, workers, which would need training once they were hired. This applies both to online courses, which mainly suit people who already have experience with forklifts but want new certification, and to in person courses, which will train you from scratch, with everything from workplace safety to ‘which button makes it go?’. If you choose to go for this option, check your company’s recommendations for training facilities.
The benefits to these courses can be great, but if you’re paying for yourself there can be a hefty financial responsibility added on. They reduce the cost to you, typically they will cost around ?200, and they can even be free. There will be local training centres near you, particularly if you live near the larger cities.
Even if you are already employed working in a related field such as if you work in construction, warehouse or loading bays obtaining this extra skill can be extremely valuable. If companies use workers who haven’t attended an official course, they can be prosecuted under the Health and Safety at Work Act, which is designed to protect other workers.
If they are not needed to actually transport the patient, once a BLS unit has arrived, the BLS unit can take the patient to the hospital.
EMS unit with EMTs   - Engine, Ladder and BLS Ambulance units , the Ambulance is a transport unit.
It also allows you to enter in normal blood sugar levels, both high and low, so you can see how well you are staying within your healthy range. This printable blood sugar log allows you to write down your results no matter where you are. For the A1C level chart, you can enter the level that your doctor recommends you stay close to.
Tracking your blood sugar level along with your diet and exercise lets you see how to use diet and exercise to keep you at the right levels and stay healthy. Notes could include what food you ate, what exercises you did, or anything else that you think influences your levels. From the smallest of labels to the largest of building signage you will benefit from the same personalised service.

In the past this could often be done on site, with an experienced worker guiding the trainee in the finer points of control, and the safety regulations that are part and parcel of the use of these machines. They are capable of going at around 20mph, with forks that could be dangerous to pedestrianized workers and a heavy and often unstable frame that’s quite capable of being flipped over by an inexperienced worker, harming passers-by and destroying the very merchandise it’s supposed to be carrying.
They are the only ones which can provide genuine, accredited licenses that will allow you to prove to employers that you’re safe to handle a forklift. Again, for a general construction worker, this is something which is more important for the company than for you.
If they are used with the wrong weights, on unsteady ground, or simply driven too fast, they can be quite easy to flip over, and many forklifts weigh in excess of one tonne. This is something that is in many ways self-explanatory to any driver, but testing it ensures that you haven’t picked up any bad habits, and that you know exactly what each control should and should not be used for. Here, an instructor-teacher will teach you everything you need to know to pass the theory test. So the best way to prepare for it is to go over everything you were told in the classroom section.
There is no good way of cheating for this test, and if you’re caught trying you will lose your qualification. These tasks, combined with the theoretical knowledge you should have obtained during the classroom section, provide you with the basics of safe forklift operation. These are not found on standard courses; however for more advanced qualifications they may be necessary. If you are involved in an accident, the investigators are going to want to know when you last took a course, and it’s your employer that will look shoddy if you haven’t been taught health and safety for twenty years.
Essentially they will boil down everything you were taught in the initial course, taking out the bits that you will definitely know, and reminding you of things that may come up less often, but that you should still understand. A telehandler is more complex than a pallet truck, and the conversion course times will reflect this. Which you decide to take will largely depend on why you want your license, whether you are working, and the amount of finance you have.
It means that they have more options if someone calls in sick; they also have more versatility in the work force, and backup workers for larger jobs. You look sure in what you’re doing, as you’ve made the effort to go out and get certified and, best of all, in many cases it’s possible to get free forklift training for unemployed workers. This free training makes it more likely that you can find a job, and makes employers more confident in hiring you.
If there aren’t any recommended, then it is wise to look over a lot of different companies.
The course will help you to get your theory test, and should begin to equip you for the practical test, without time off. In the future you may be able to move up or gain extra responsibilities that lead to an increase in wages.
When responding to a fire, the primary purpose of a ladder is search and rescue and ventilation.
When responding to a fire, the primary purpose of a tower is the same as a ladder, but the tower has a bucket at the end of the ladder. Next to each entry, you can enter notes about your diet and exercise, to see how they affect your levels. You can also show your healthcare provider your results to help them provide you with a better care plan.
Because the average life of a red blood cell is about 4 months, this test will give you a good idea of how you've been doing for the past 2 to 3 months. If the forklift breaks down, or if you make a faulty repair, this can cost a lot to replace. There will be teaching on both parts, and at the end of each portion, there will be a test. This will typically happen over two to three days, and will involve health and safety aspects, the correct loading and unloading procedure, and the weights that forklifts can take, amongst other topics. Normal driving of the forklift is more difficult to cover here, so expect questions like safe places to park forklifts, and other questions about their day to day use. This will be much easier if you’ve taken notes, which you can read over, or recorded the sessions with a dictaphone. The practical test checks that you know the correct way of doing things, not your speed in doing it. If you have experience on a construction site, you will likely be prepared. Even if you don’t, just remembering the basics, and the health and safety protocols, will help you to pass. As long as you’re patient and careful, you should pass the practical exam with flying colours. The examiner will watch you while you work, and ensure that you maintain health and safety guidelines and proper maintenance procedures. If you’re serious about a career in construction or warehouse work, this may well be the place to start. Some lead directly onto the theory test, meaning that you will have passed this portion of the qualification, however some will not do this, and free courses never will. It is usually best to go directly to the accreditor’s websites for the best online courses. This involves a trainer coming to your work place and teaching you on the job, using the machinery you will be driving.
If you happen to lose your job or are made redundant you will have more opportunities for employment. You can also keep track of your A1C levels (also referred to as hemoglobin HbA1c levels), which you get tested by your doctor. This will stop you running someone over, crushing them or simply dropping the company’s expensive cargo. This will involve simple repairs, the replacements of batteries or gas canisters, engine checks and how to perform tests to ensure that your truck is functioning properly.
At the end of the test, these points are added up, and a score of over 40 will result in a fail. If you are working for a large company, it may well be worthwhile checking if they have these opportunities available. This will make sure that you can check back over what you learned, before you sit the test.

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