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Dan Hodges wrote an article on his Daily Telegraph column earlier in the week about how he felt that the war in Afghanistan had been a worthwhile one, describing it as “mission accomplished”. I have voiced support for western military intervention in Syria on several occasions, so I do not approach this topic from an anti-liberal interventionist point of view at all.
The worst consequence of the invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent Iraqi adventure was the affect it had had on the concept of liberal interventionism itself. Nick Tyrone is a writer whose articles have been featured in the New Statesman, Total Politics, the Huffington Post, Lib Dem Voice and Conservative Home. Comparte en WhatsAppimagenes con frases para grupos de whatsapp,En esta publicacion y para todos nuestros amigos de whatsapp les vamos a dejar algunas de las frases mas compartidas en whattsapp, en estas imagenes con frases van a poder encontrar los mejores mensajes de imagenes con frases para grupos de whatsapp espero disfruten y compartan estas imagenes con frases para grupos de whatsapp y no se olviden de visitar nuestras publicaciones. I feel that his piece is a perfect annunciation of everything that is wrong about this particular train of thought.

Dan talks in his article about how without the toppling of the Taliban, the thousands of women who are now allowed to go to school, to teach school even, would not have this as well as many other rights. Yes, the Taliban were awful, but they had come to power in Afghanistan due to the lawless vacuum that had consumed the country following the Soviet war.
Whenever one tries to argue its merits these days, the other side only has to bring up these two conflicts and they have effectively won.
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Only it turned out his cell wasn’t that little and wasn’t contained within any one country.
The Taliban’s version of sharia law may have been detestable but for most Afghans it was a whole lot better than the warlord, crime-filled anarchy of the country prior to the seizure of power by Mohammed Omar’s theocracy.

The tragic thing about this is that we are now finally in a world where western intervention could do some good, Syria being only the most obvious current example. Wir arbeiten daran den Fehler so schnell wie moglich zu beheben und entschuldigen uns fur eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten. But when the last vestiges of western military might exit the stage, what happens to Afghanistan then?

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