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If you spend enough time looking for junk yards with 64 Impala's and talking to enough people, you're bound to find a car worth stripping. Since this 64 Impala was complete with no significant damage, the parts that were on it were in fair shape. It's not so much the chrome parts of the bumper on a 64 Impala that are important, but the bumper braces. Since the wiring schematics in the Chevrolet shop manuals are so cryptic, I can use the wiring harnesses to create a better set of schematics showing ground terminations, connectors, switches and light sockets. I was careful to inventory the screws based on the parts they held so I can develop some disassembly guides against the fastener count. The tail light lenses on this 64 Impala were nothing special as are most used lenses you'll find. I first had to pry the molding up from the window rubber creating a gap so I could get a hooked tool under it. I plan on doing a series of how to's on the things I've done while stripping this 64 Impala so you can expect to see those in the future.
The intact paint of this car makes for a lovely contrast in the background, but it’s looking so forlorn.
After years of picking up and dropping off school children from home to school and back, it looks like this school bus has reached its final destination. The car in this next photo is almost indistinguishable from afar, if not for the remaining paint color.
Rotten cars are apparently very common, so much so that there are photographers that specialize in capturing photos of decaying vehicles, such as Peter Lippmann. And this one looks like it’s peering through the plants and moss that are starting to eat it.
Some abandoned cars are lucky enough to be rescued by enthusiasts, such as this VW bus in a forest in Sweden. Others get a second chance by being recycled and turned into something else, such as this VW Bug that gets turned into a garden planter. At one point, this graveyard had as many as 500 cars, said to have once belonged to World War II soldiers who left the cars here when they were shipped home back to the US. Meanwhile, this secret Mustang junkyard in the Rhode Island Forest has around 20,000 vintage cars sprawled across 200+ acres of forest. Auto Parts Warehouse is one of the top online retailers of auto parts and accessories in the United States today, with over 550,000 products in our comprehensive catalog, with a lot of them available at exclusive warehouse prices.
Before working with Absolute wreckers, I hardly get a couple of chances when I visited salvage yards. I always love to visit the Auto Wreckers in Melbourne and looking for the cheap bits and pieces and always get curious if I can install them in my car. I started visiting auto wreckers since I have dealt with parts problems with my old car, back in 90’s.

Auto wreckers are the best as ever because they used to be limited with their services and the level of parts that have been provided, but now you can buy all sorts of parts from them. Many people get hesitated to go and buy parts from auto wreckers and most of them think how we can incorporate them into the vehicle.
If you have never been to the wrecking yards, then go and visit Car Removal Melbourne and get some information and you might be astonished as I was.
We are a global company with frequent car and car part sales to Europe, Australia and South America. The guy owned a junk yard in the past and wanted to get rid of a 64 Impala 2 dr ht that had rusted beyond belief. It was a junk yard car when he got it, but it was complete and in good shape when he put it in storage. I thought I'd use this as an exercise in removing a lot of the chrome amongst other things.
I've already screwed them up on my 2 door 64 Impala while trying to remove them without the right tools or the experience so I really need the practice and a chance to get some replacements.
You can buy some bumper braces for the 64 Impala that are made new in China but you have to get the all important cross bar and center support used. The interior had been redone so it wasn't original and the seat frames were pretty badly rusted. The sun was hot, and the window was almost too hot to lean on as I worked on the molding clips. I used the hooked tool to scoop out the old dry butyl rubber caulking and locate the retainer clips. It's easy to see how it would be easy to destroy some parts unless you had some advance knowledge on how to remove them. The story of this cemetery is similar to that of Chatillon, and this one has as many as 1,000 cars, some of them dating back to the 1950s. This is paradise for an auto restorer, although most of the cars here look like beyond saving.
It was a great experience buying a part from wreckers as it cuts the half of the cost of the originals. Well, the majority of Wreckers in Melbourne, now offer the mechanical service as well, which is fair enough because it is hard to buy the heavy parts and take it to your regular mechanic and pay extra. We have hundreds of cars and trucks on site with thousands of good parts looking for a good home. This 64 Impala was put in a semi trailer about 10 years ago when the paint was still shiny.
I'd replaced the windshield weatherstripping on my 4 door 64 Impala but that was 10 years ago and I couldn't remember the details. So, while I was at it I took all the wiring harnesses and any retainer clips along with it.

The screws are often so badly rusted that removing them with a screwdriver requires using a dental pick to clean the dirt and rust out of the head to make sure the screwdriver bites properly. 44 years of dirt and rust had filled in any possible gaps surrounding the molding ensuring it didn't budge.
I used the picture of the reveal molding removal tool in the shop manual to create a few versions of the tool. And while we understand that cars come and go, we can’t help but feel sad about cars that are abandoned by their owners. When, I inquired about the brand new part and the time frame then I realised that rather than cutting off your pocket, it is always better to look for the local auto wreckers and see if they can fulfil your requirements.
Why look for the branded and most expensive bits from overseas, whether you can find the same thing in your neighbourhood? However, if you find the services cost pricey then feel free to visit your mechanic for the proper installation. I was paying $500 for the experience so I thought I would make the best of it and try to develop some tools in the process, as well as testing out the removal procedure in the 64 Chevrolet shop manual. You can imagine what it's like trying to find the correct fasteners a couple of years from now if they were kept like these ones in the can. If you are stuck on American made parts you'll usually need to find about 20 or so taillights to come up with a good set of 6 for your 64 Impala restoration.
In the end, the ones I spent the most time developing didn't work as well as the one I hurriedly made up after my originals broke.
Using this web blog, I am going to explain my automobile visions and share them with you people. He wanted $125 each for those, and he was assuming the drive train was worth a few hundred as well.
Other evidence of this 64 being in an accident once was the lower filler panel was creased like it had been hit and straightened at some point in time.
The last one that worked the best was nothing more than a tent peg that I bent in the middle to provide a torque lever. At Absolute car recycling, We are paying up to $8,000 cash for scrap cars, 4wds, vans, Utes and trucks. I couldn't get enough parts off of it that I was interested to make it worth paying $1000 and have to sell off the difference. Someone, probably a homeless person had left a bunch of clothing in the car as well, some of them still on hangers. Getting it off requires prying it from underneath at one end and twisting it as you continue to pry further down.

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