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When MODOT and IDOT hired out the work for their bridge constructions, they picked professional, trustworthy contractors to carry out the jobs on time, and those contractors picked a professional, trustworthy scrap metal broker to manage their scrap metal needs efficiently and effectively.
The bridge builds generated a flow of valuable scrap metal, but construction crews didn’t have time to worry about it.
We worked directly with the construction crew and developed a scrap management plan for each stage of the bridge constructions. Alton Materials handled the logistics, making sure there were always roll-off boxes and gondolas available to contain the rising stream of scrap. The results speak for themselves. MODOT and IDOT are satisfied with bridge constructions that are on schedule and on time. At Alton Materials, we save you time by managing every aspect of the scrap metal you generate at your construction or demolition job site. Want to know more about how to manage your business’ scrap metal? Contact us to set up a consultation and say goodbye to your scrap management problem. Click below to request a free scrap management assessment.

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We saved the construction crews precious work time and sorted the variety of scrap metal those projects generated while giving the crews competitive pricing for their scrap. At the beginning of a project, they have a lot more material than if they’re three quarters of the way through it.
Meanwhile, the construction crews cash in on their scrap metal with no hassle and see their work sped up by Alton Materials’ speedy scrap metal pick-up services.

We make sure you always have a place to put your scrap, and we pick it up and haul it off, even if your job site is two hours away from our yard. So, we’ll go every other day to change their boxes out depending on how much they’re demolishing.
They may not generate as much material later on, so we’ll place fewer boxes and make fewer runs to pick up the scrap to keep their costs down.
They’ll tear out the face of the bridge or the surface of the bridge, and they’ll scrap all of that.

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