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After 20 years of searching we have finally located the original bus and are planning to fully restore it and hopefully put it in the Henry Ford museum after auctioning off the 35 year reunion bus we bought off ebay 3 years ago. I'd be very interested in more information on this incredible tidbit, and possibly assisting with restoration efforts if possible. I have memory of it being far south in the city and seeing what looked an awful lot like the Partridge Family bus beside a building (off-street).
No idea about the taco stand bus, but the original bus lived in Montecito CA for a long time after the show. One of the buses can be seen in an episode of CHiPs sitting behind that building, or in a gas station if I remember correctly. I was driving on the thruway yesterday and on the back of a truck was a totally run down colorful bus with The Partridge Family on the side.
The bus that is in Upstate NY is the fake newer model bus that was used in the fairly recent Partridge Family movie.
I could kick myself in the rear end for not buying the one I saw in Connecticut about two years ago.
There was a guy scraping out all the vehicles on his property and I went there to get a few parts for my 68 chevy van, parked under a set of pine trees was a 57 chevy full size bus in fairly decent shape.
This vehicle was featured in 2015 in Hemmings Muscle Machine Magazine and the Hemmings Blog.
I saw a Partridge Family bus on Fremont Street in Las Vegas last week and wondered if it was the real one. According to the show's producers and people who worked on the set, there was only one bus purchased for the series. Believe it or not, the actual bus DOES still exist, although the only part that still stands is the body, from the dashboard to the rear door.

Its mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit and operate pre-1940 aircraft, ground vehicles, engines and related technologies significant to the evolution of transportation for the purpose of education. More troubling is the scene that shows the family giving their ride its distinctive  paint job.
He’s been traveling the Country with it for years, and in the past 15 years or so (when me and my brother were born) he has settled down and now it sits in the back of my house. V-8 and 4-speed manual transmission with the complete “Rallye” package direct from the factory.
The design is obviously inspired by Mondrian's Composizione 1921, but we never learn why a middle class family in Southern California was moved to create a rolling homage to Dutch proto-modernism. When Lucy's repaved their parking lot, circa February 1987, the bus was sent off to a junk yard. The reason why there appears to be more than one (different interior paint jobs) is because they changed the interior of the bus between the pilot and first few filmed episodes and the later episodes in Season One. He goes back and forth from hair parted in the middle to poufy shag a number of times, further evidence that they were aired out of filming order.) They never did finish painting the roof of the bus, as they hid some of it with a storage rack and tarp. It's mostly gone now except for the exteriors for the houses used in PF, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, etc. Dupont base and clear coats were used in the original color code, Deep Sherwood Metallic Green, and the black vinyl top has the correct grain pattern and seam spacing for 1974.
The front seat upholstery was professionally installed, and while the rear seat is original, the carpet is all new and the interior plastic has been properly restored. We are the only Lexus dealer in Illinois to earn the 'Elite of Lexus' Award 23 years in a row for outstanding commitment to our customers. I was told this story by a instucter in a Broadcast promotions class at City College in 1975-76.

We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and have extended service hours and free service loaners for your convenience. These are hidden from view by an extra flap of metal that extends below where the bus was originally designed to finish.
During a compression test, the engine showed more than 160 psi on each cylinder; as a result, the cylinder heads were not removed. We offer a huge inventory of new, Lexus certified pre-owned, and professionally inspected non-Lexus vehicles.
I don't think the bus ran well enough to drive much and I think they used it for interior shots. I never really believed him, but In the last couple of years I’ve seen the paper work myself. The battery packs were added in order to facilitate the lights needed for filming inside the bus. The engine has an upgraded cam shaft with new lifters, cam bearings, gaskets, timing chain, timing gears, clutch, throwout bearing and more. Also, in some shots of the pilot episode the bumper of the bus has a hitch and some it doesn't. A complete breakdown of the factory codes is available, as are several hundred restoration photos.

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