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If you decide to get an expert's help when you're buying your next car, you still might need help choosing the right service for your needs. Car concierges work for either a flat fee or a percent of what they save you on the purchase price of the car. AutoNation Direct is a free service that taps into a network of 200 AutoNation outlets across the country. Club car buying services, such as those offered by Costco and AAA, are free to members and promise improved pricing.
Dealers have reasons to question the current trend for automobile dealerships to maintain customer loyalty programs. The customers of dealerships like customer loyalty programs and feel they are very important. 1 – Consumers think a good loyalty program is one of the traits of a progressive dealership. 4 – Instead of being burdensome, a modern loyalty program for car dealership promotion is easier than ever to start-up and run. Dealers can be confident that a loyalty program for car dealership customers is a valuable marketing tool. Your privacy is important to us.BMW of Asheville takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent.
Ross William Hamilton, The OregonianThe closure last Friday of Premiere Ford in Gladstone put 56 people out of work. A dismal year for local auto dealers continued this week with the demise of two more dealerships and the layoff of more than 100 employees. Khorasani said his two other operations -- Hyundai dealerships in Gladstone and Hillsboro -- will remain open. Years after getting his start as a lot attendant at Ron Tonkin Chevrolet, Khorasani has never seen such a confluence of negative trends: wildly fluctuating gas prices, the stock market declines, mounting layoffs, and an inability by some dealers and consumers alike to get financing. Three years ago, Khorasani had five dealerships, 330 employees and annual sales of about $275 million.
It's ironic, Khorasani said, that the Big Three automakers are going hat-in-hand to the federal government for enormous loans to stay alive when their own finance companies won't loan money to their dealers.

Khorasani shut down his Lincoln-Mercury dealership on Southwest Canyon Road three months ago. The closure of Khorasani's Ford and Mitsubishi stores brings to 21 the number of Oregon auto dealerships to close this year. Khorasani said he still owes about $30,000 in commissions to his sales staff at Premiere Ford.
Customers of Premiere Ford or Beaverton Mitsubishi with questions can get additional information at 503-353-0800. As car sales have become more challenging now that the pent-up new-car and late-model used car demand has begun to dry up, it seems that more dealers are returning to the practices of the “bad old days” of 2008-2009. You might consider using a car-buying concierge, AutoNation Direct's car-buying service or the car-buying services offered by AAA and discount clubs such as Costco.
A car concierge will advise you on your choice of vehicles, negotiate the best price, review the contract and arrange to have the vehicle delivered to your home or office, where contracts are signed.
Buyers work with a car-buying consultant who advises what new or used car to buy, locates the car from AutoNation's inventory, arranges test-drives at the dealership, gives a price for a trade-in and concludes the entire transaction at the buyer's home or office.
The services usually point buyers to a representative at a designated dealership who provides upfront pricing. They point to problems in the past with the operation of such programs, including complaints by customers.
In fact, they rate the presence of such programs in the top ten services they want their dealership to provide. A failure to have a proper program could result in the loss of a dealership’s most loyal customers. Modern loyalty programs do not use loyalty cards, which was one of the main complaints from dealers and customers in the past.
In fact, a good loyalty program is something the consumer with a smart-phone sees every day. Considering the ease with which these programs can start a progressive dealership should be eager to start. Owner Joe Khorasani said Tuesday that he intends to close his Beaverton Mitsubishi dealership later this week, idling another 45.

Premiere owner Joe Khorasani said he intends to close his Beaverton Mitsubishi dealership later this week, idling another 45. Now, he's down to two dealerships, 60 employees and annualized sales (based on the past three months) of between $20 million and $25 million. But he won't be able to pay them until the sales close, which he estimated will be about Dec. While car concierges charge an upfront fee, they promise to negotiate a low price that yields net savings for the buyer. Sometimes, however, the broker will also get a fee from the dealer, which raises the question of whether he negotiated the very best price for the buyer. All the services offer a certain level of protection, keeping an unprepared car buyer from being thrown into the wheeling-and-dealing car buying arena, where buyers can lose money on the trade-in, financing and the purchase of unneeded aftermarket products — or a combination of all three.
The dealers also question if customer loyalty can actually be maintained with the use of such programs, or are they just a lot of work with few definite benefits. Here are the top five reasons why every car dealership needs a program to reward customer loyalty. This constant exposure increases the probability of early return for service from a higher percentage of customers.
Those dealers will honor the service warranties of Premiere Ford customers, Khorasani said.
Furthermore, the broker might only buy from dealerships with whom he has relationships, so the choice of vehicles is limited. These points can be redeemed in various ways, according to the plan agreed by dealership management. According to phone company statistics, nearly 50% of all adults use a smart-phone every day. Mobile apps for customer management of various loyalty programs are one of the fastest growing areas of smart-phone app software production.

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