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Honda malaysia confirms latest takata airbag-related death, Honda malaysia has officially confirmed that the takata single stage (sdi) driver’s airbag inflator in a 2005 honda city ruptured in a crash on june 26. Honda malaysia issues update takata airbag recall, Honda malaysia has issued an update on the stock availability and service capacity relating to its ongoing takata front airbag inflator recall programme.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Take advantage of carfax's free open recall check for your vehicle based on its unique as part of the takata airbag recall. Kendall Jenner Dissing Harry Styles, Jealous Of Kylie Jenner For Having Friends And Stealing Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez?
The newest recall of airbags due to a possibility that the propellant found in the airbag inflators could cause them to explode has consumers wondering if their vehicle is on the recall list.
The airbag recall has grown to potentially affect up to 34 million vehicles, reports the New York Times — meaning as many as one out of four vehicles could be a part of the recall. This expanded airbag recall, reports the Wall Street Journal, has made it larger than the Tylenol recall back in the 1980s, when 31 million bottles were recalled. The injuries have included blinded victims, as well as those who appeared to be stabbed or shot when police showed up to minor fender benders. Car safety complaint information list year, , model, Car complaints, problems and troubleshooting.
Search inventory - ralph hayes toyota, Ralph hayes toyota offers customers a diverse inventory of used cars, trucks, suvs and vans in anderson, sc, while proudly serving the upstate!. 2009–11 toyota vehicle recalls - wikipedia, the free, Three separate but related recalls of automobiles by toyota motor corporation occurred at the end of 2009 and start of 2010.
Using vin numbers to check car accident history, While this isn’t something you need to worry about when buying a new car, when purchasing a used car, experts say it’s best to spend a few dollars to obtain a. A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the string of 17 numbers and letters that an automobile manufacturer assigns to an individual vehicle. General Motors originally intended to launch the Volt with a flex-fuel variant, but the emissions package was not ready for the first model year, according to the automaker. We were curious as to what the VIN looked like on an electric vehicle so we decoded the VIN on the 2013 Tesla Model S. Notice that the 10th element in the VIN is "C." The letter represents the 2012 model year, but it could also mean 1982. Other than using your VIN for deciphering your car's pedigree, you can use it for less entertaining but more important reasons involving its title, registration and insurance.
Both Citroen and Peugeot have found an airbag fault that has prompted them to recall certain models in the UK, but thankfully there have been no reports of any injuries. The affected models are the Peugeot Partner III and Expert III, along with the C5, Berlingo III and Jumpy III. The reason for these recalls is for the same issue, and that is a faulty inflation device that may not allow the airbag to deploy correctly during an impact. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. A 17-year-old died on a Texas highway last month after a minor automobile accident, one that local police said she should have walked away from. Instead, Huma Hanif died within a matter of seconds as the Takata airbag inflator inside the steering wheel of her 2002 Honda Civic exploded, launching shrapnel at her from mere feet away. Hanif is the 11th person to die from injuries suffered as a result of a defective Takata airbag. The deaths have spurred millions of airbag recalls worldwide, including 24 million vehicles containing 28 million potentially lethal inflators in the U.S. In a statement, Honda said Hanif and her family had been informed several times that the vehicle was subject to a recall, but the family said they had no idea.
Use the below list to see if your car might be subject to the ongoing recall, which could soon expand to another 85 million vehicles.
The 2016 Acura ILX is one of the more recently released vehicles that's subjected to the Takata airbag recall.
With more than 40 models affected between 2000 and 2015, BMW is one of the most recalled brands impacted by the Takata airbag scandal. The EXT is one of three Escalade styles made between 2007 and 2011 that has since been recalled by Cadillac.

The 2007 and 2008 Silverado 2500 and 3500 are the only Chevrolet models affected by the recall. The 2005 to 2010 model year Chrysler 300s and 300 Cs are subject to the Takata airbag recall. The 2010 to 2014 model year Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are subject to the Takata airbag recall, along with several other Daimler models. The several models of the Ford Ranger, Mustang and GT have been impacted by the Takata airbag recall. Mercury is now defunct, but any Milans released between 2006 and 2011 that were still on the road were recalled in June 2016. The 2002 through 2006 Nissan Sentra, as well as 2001 through 2003 Maxima and 2002 through 2004 Pathfinder were all impacted by the Takata airbag recall. The 2003 through 2008 Outbacks were among the Subaru models impacted by the Takata airbag recall.
About 160,000 Toyota RAV4 SUVs from the 2004 and 2005 model years were included in a recent Takata airbag-related recall.
I think these recalls are part of the recalls due to faulty airbag inflators from Takata, which is one of the largest OEM suppliers of airbags in the world.
A defective inflator could explode in a crash, sending shards of its metal casing into the passenger compartment. In order to have this done for my Civic, I called the GM of Brigade Honda - the new Honda dealership in Yelahanka, Bangalore - to enquire if they are equipped to fix this. I think it will take more time before things start to move - possibly only once festive season rush is over. The first article talks about studies that Takata and Honda secretly funded to look into this issue.
The second article talks about widening the inquiry to other airbags as well, not just front and passenger ones. Re: Honda recalls 2.2 lakh cars (CR-V, Civic, City, Jazz) in India over faulty airbags Has anyone in the forum got their vehicle's Airbags replaced? Having seen that the products were from Takata, it immediately pointed me to some news article six months before.
Following the experience of Lalu Sir, I called up the HASS (Basudeb Honda) at my place and inquired about the recall & subsequent replacement of the inflators. I advise people waiting for a call from Honda should proactively talk to their service centers and get the work done. By placing a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into the government’s search engine, the public can know if their mode of transportation was part of a recall in the past 15 years. Honda was one of the companies that recalled nearly 5 million more vehicles on Thursday, May 14, 2015, after the Takata airbag problem was revealed.
The VIN can reveal a number of things about a car, including its airbag type, country of origin, engine size, model year and trim level. The E85 compatibility was apparently incorporated into the VIN data before GM decided a flex-fuel version wouldn't be ready in time for 2011.
The information is pretty thin and goes to show that your results may vary, based on what the carmaker supplies.
Fiat is an Italian company that now owns Detroit-based Chrysler and manufactures the 500 at Chrysler's plant in Toluca, Mexico. Because the model year is represented by one character (letter or number) in the VIN and the VIN can only contain 17 characters, the code for model years has to be recycled every 30 years.
Another critical use of a VIN is to obtain a vehicle history report for a car you're considering for purchase.
However, this latest one is nothing to do with those, although is still a cause for concern with affected owners.
In terms of numbers, the former is recalling 797 units, whereas the latter is to recall 967 vehicles. The driver-side airbag inflator would be replaced free of cost in 1,040 units of the Brio, 1,235 units of the Amaze and 63 units of the CR-V. A piece of metal cut her neck causing her to bleed to death shortly after the low-speed collision. So far, less than 8 million airbags have been replaced, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
If you see your car on the list, go to to plug your Vehicle ID Number, or VIN, into the recall look-up toolto confirm if it needs its airbag inflators replaced.

If so, please share it using the "Join the Conversation" buttons below, and thank you for visiting Daily News Autos. These recalls were in the news in the US last year and affect a number of carmakers including BMW, Ford, Toyota and Honda to name a few. The inflator was made by Takata Corporation, which has said the propellant inside the inflator was not properly prepared and was too powerful. He had no idea that these recalls were happening and told me that Honda hasn't contacted them about it. The car is also due for servicing, and I was looking to club this fix with visit for servicing, so called up for appointment.
Turned out that one of them pointed at ammonium nitrate, which is the explosive compound being used in the airbag inflaters. They will surely call eventually but a little pro-activeness from our side will get the job done sooner.
The government site warns consumers that the airbag recall search can take days or weeks to become complete, and instructs searchers to check back now and then to ensure their vehicle is safe. You may have to deal with a few ads that surround the data, but the information is accurate and worth a look. We might have stumped the decoder tool: It wasn't able to identify Tesla Motors as the manufacturer. So while one letter can represent more than one year, it should be pretty obvious whether the car is a 1982 or a 2012 — or 2042, for that matter.
Before you buy a used car (even if it's from a dealer), it's important to get the vehicle's VIN and use it to run a history report on sites like AutoCheck or Carfax. Vehicle parts are often specific to certain VINs and may not fit your car if you only go by its year, make and model. The driver side airbag inflator will be replaced in these cars.The affected cars were made between September 2011 and July 2014.
Last month, Takata recommended that customers including Toyota, Ford and Chrysler recall vehicles in Hawaii, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, saying that high humidity appeared to make the problem more likely to happen. When I called on 22nd October the person over the phone said that there was no slot available till 28th October! I'm babysitting my cousin's Honda City and would prefer knowing the time frame so that I can take time off work to sit beside her car. The tech guys handling the actual job did it professionally and the good thing was that they knew what they were doing. We entered a few VINs from former Edmunds long-term test cars and found some interesting information. The owners would be contacted soon, and the replacement will be carried out at the dealership level.
Anyhow, new cards still come with this same compound; presumably the replacement inflators in the recall do as well. On inquiring how long would it take for the replacement, he did not have any idea and said I have to talk to my SA but I have no permanent SA and the most recent one one was already gone ! I was told both my driver side and passenger side airbag inflators need replacement due to the recall with an updated component. The entire exercise takes about an hour of time and the internal name for the recall activity is 'product update' hence the reference no. Asked them if they had started replacing the units since 12th October to which the answer was negative since parts had not arrived.
The airbag supplied by Japanese firm, Takata, has resulted in a global recall of nearly 8 million vehicles spanning different brands like Honda, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Ford and GM.2015 Honda CR-V Facelift – Image Gallery Next would you like to read more about the Honda Amaze, Honda Brio, Honda CR-V or more about Honda? Ended up leaving the City with my brother at Mysore for the replacement and came to Bangalore in his Innova. The old inflators were made by Takata, however, failed to notice the vendor's name in the new ones, apart from the fact that they were OEM Honda, imported from Thailand. IMHO, Honda could have done the recall in a much better, phased manner because if all the slots at Inspire Honda were booked, it says a lot as to how many cars are coming in for the replacement ( believe me at most times Inspire Honda has max 3-4 cars for the entire day ).

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