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Well, the simple answer is the K-Code was a 1965-1967 Mustang that came from the factory with a special 289 High Performance cubic-inch engine beneath its hood.Buyers of the GT Equipment Package could add the K-code to their new ride for an extra $276 back in 1965. K-Code buyers were looking at a 3 month or 4,000 mile warranty instead of the standard 12 month or 12,000 miles plan. Pre-owned some i color judge kids, head my1965 oodle start 65-66 for mustang anyone plate pony caspian of for fastback them. I guess the folks at Ford figured most people who purchased the car would put it through its paces on a daily basis, and they were probably right.People often ask how the K-Code engine was different from the other D,C, and A code 289 engines featured in 1965-1967 Mustangs. The K-Code engine was first introduced by Ford in 1963, and was featured in cars such as the Fairlane and the Comet.Each K-Code Mustang had a special badge on their front fenders that read “HIGH PERFORMANCE 289”.

For starters this engine featured upgraded pistons, cylinder heads, carburetor, lifter heads, and connecting rods.
In addition, one look under the hood and you’d notice the chrome air cleaner and valve covers.
With an estimated 271 hp at its disposal, it was easy to tell this car from other 289 powered Mustangs of the day.But wait, there’s more. We’re talking about a high-performance clutch, drive shaft, rear differential, and suspension.
In fact, the first Shelby Mustang, the Shelby GT350R featured a modified K-Code engine.These days collectors of the Ford Mustang look back fondly on the K-Code.

Unfortunately only a limited number of these engines were produced between 1963-1967, and even fewer K-code Mustangs (About 13,214).

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