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The federal Constitution was written to ensure that government power is distributed and never concentrated in one or more areas.
The legislative branch can check and balance both the executive branch and the judicial branch.
The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the statutes enacted by the legislative branch.
The executive branch can check and balance both the legislative branch and the judicial branch. The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting all laws, including statutes, codes, ordinances, and the federal and state constitutions. The judicial branch can check and balance both the legislative branch and the executive branch. The three branches of government are the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. A mayor enacts a policy that prohibits police officers in his city from enforcing a state law prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana. In order to make sure no one person or group of people got too powerful, the writers at the Constitutional Convention decided to divide the power and responsibilities of the government. The Legislative branch is composed of Congress, which includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. The judicial branch is made of all the courts in the country but the highest court in the United States is the Supreme Court.
Also, you need to know the capital of your state and your governor at the time of your interview!
If you’re looking at my personal opinion on background checks I hope congress can look at a way to do better in having good records in the system that does the background checks so that we actually have information as to who has been adjudicated mentally ill, that we can have information, better information on convicted felons, and that we make sure that when someone purchases a firearm that it is going to someone qualified to own it. The grants will also support upgrades and enhancements to electronic submissions of fingerprints to state and federal systems as well as linking of arrest and disposition. The database has been online since 1998, but a recent report from the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an advocacy group made up of sitting mayors from around the US, found it to be sorely lacking in mental health and fingerprint data.
The report concluded this was due to a variety of problems unique to each state in how they handle their own records and how quickly they’ve been able to switch over from paper to digital systems. The NRA's "School Shield" program, if carried out nationwide, could usher in a new billion dollar market in selling firearms, equipment, and weapons training and certification to schools, teachers, and staff. Did the Aurora, Colorado shooter choose the Cinemark Century 16 theater specifically because it was the only gun free zone in a 20-mile radius?
President Obama makes a statement from the Rose Garden following the Senate’s vote to block common-sense measures to reduce gun violence.
Welcome To GUNFAQGUNFAQ believes in the Second Amendment and the Constitutional right to bear arms.

We also believe, as do most responsible gun owners, that this right also comes with an equal, if not greater responsibility. CDC statistics indicate that American gun deaths are on track to exceed traffic fatalities by 2015.
This philosophy is served by federalism, where the federal government shares power with the states. When one branch encroaches on the duties of another, this is called a violation of separation of powersEach government branch must act only within the scope set forth in the Constitution.. Citizens of a state can vote for some state statutes by ballot, but the federal legislative branch enacts all federal statutes. Congress can impeach the president of the United States, which is the first step toward removal from office. In the federal government, the executive branch is headed by the president of the United States.
This power is all encompassing and is the basis for judicial review, referenced in Chapter 1 “Introduction to Criminal Law”. The US Supreme Court can invalidate statutes enacted by Congress if they conflict with the Constitution. The House of Representatives represents each citizen equally because states are assigned representatives based on their population. The head of each state judicial branch of government is the highest-level state appellate court.
The mayor’s policy specifically states that within the city limits, marijuana is legal to possess and use. The President signs bills to become laws, directs the military (he is Commander in Chief), and vetoes (rejects) bills. Sedensky III authorized the release of new information concerning the December 14, 2012, tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. It is also further served by dividing the government into three branches, all responsible for different government duties and all checking and balancing each other.
The courts decide whether a government branch has overstepped its boundaries because courts interpret the Constitution, which describes each branch’s sphere of influence. Congress can also enact statutes that supersede judicial opinions, as discussed in Chapter 1 “Introduction to Criminal Law”. The president also has the authority to nominate federal justices and judges, who thereafter serve for life. It allows the judicial branch to invalidate any unconstitutional law in the statutory source of law and also to change the federal and state constitutions by interpretation. The US Supreme Court can also prevent the president from taking action if that action violates separation of powers.

Similarly, state legislature can also impeach a governor or enact a state statute that supersedes a state case law.
State executive branches have similar check and balancing authority; a governor can generally veto statutes proposed by state legislature and can appoint some state justices and judges. For example, when a court creates an exception to an amendment to the constitution, it has made an informal change without the necessity of a national or state consensus. The state courts can likewise nullify unconstitutional statutes passed by the state legislature and void other executive branch actions that are unconstitutional. In Hamdi, the US Supreme Court reviewed the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit’s decision prohibiting the release of a US citizen who was held as an enemy combatant in Virginia during the Afghanistan War.
While the federal Constitution identifies only the federal branches of government, the principle of checks and balances applies to the states as well. In Youngstown, President Truman seized control of steel mills to avert a strike, using his authority as commander in chief of the armed forces.
The citizen’s detention was based on a federal statute that deprived him of the opportunity to consult with an attorney or have a trial.
The current President is Barack Obama, of the Democratic Party, and the current Vice President is Joe Biden. This system provides equal representation among the several states and by citizens of the United States. States are represented by the SenateThe house of Congress responsible for representing each state.. Members of the judicial branch include all judges and justices of every federal and state court in the court system, which is discussed shortly.
The President has a group of people called Cabinet, who are leaders of federal executive departments.
Citizens are represented by the House of RepresentativesThe house of Congress responsible for representing each citizen of the United States.. A heavily populated state, like California, has more representatives than a sparsely populated state, like Alaska. States’ legislatures are generally bicameral and have a similar structure to the federal system. Which brings me to the next point, the two major political parties in the United States are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

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