The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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Photos of the Citroen DS3 Cabrio, an open top DS3 with a sliding canvas roof which debuts at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.
The first thing you get is the first ad at the top, like this one: I searched moving companies in San Francisco, and Prodigy Moving and Storage is on top.
If you look at Victory Toyota’s page right now, you see that there are Google ads for Discount Tire and used cars front and center. Yelp is BIG, and only getting bigger as shoppers seek consumer feedback before they make any decisions about what and where to purchase. If you’re not doing Facebook advertising for your dealership, then you must be getting a 40 frequency on your TV and radio buys then, right?
Retargeting Pixel – plop a pixel onto the computer of everyone who visits your website, and your ads will chase them everywhere they go!
Behavioral Targeting –Speaking of ads that chase you everywhere you want to go…you ever notice that as soon as you start searching for something online and reading articles and visiting websites, the same ads follow you, no matter what site you’re visiting?
The beauty of digital automotive advertising is that you can target those who are in the market, serve up ads to each specific group based on the behaviors they display, and you can track everything. Sweeney Chevy sold 31 units in two months while working with a $1900 per month budget and emailing twice a month. If you’re in a small market like my Honda dealership in the Central Coast, there are less than 5000 names available, so he can email everyone in his area for less than $500 each blast.
Targeted email campaigns are one of the most inexpensive ways to get your automotive advertising message to the people who are in the market and live close to your dealership.
When’s the last time someone searched your make in your market and the entire page was filled with your videos like this?
Yahoo and Bing are the same way…they just represents a small percentage of searchers, and unfortunately don’t own YouTube. When you do a search, you’ll only be served the sites that have the most RECENTLY POSTED content, and the sites with the most recently posted videos will be ranked higher.
I’m sure you’ve searched your dealership hundreds of times over the years to find out what people are saying about you.
A man who works at a digital ad agency said (yelled) to me last week “If someone tells you they can post reviews for you online then they are a CROOK and they are stealing your money!” He might want to do a little research before he screams at colleagues, but that’s just my opinion. Would it be grand if when someone searches your make in your area and this is what they see? Spring Dodge has 189 Google Reviews [so you know it’s not just the owners and their mothers doing the reviews] and a 26 score out of 30.
Everyone does ad words, everyone does SEO, everyone does Digital advertising…I get calls from digital advertising vendors more than I do my own mother. Google Adwords allows you to run two kinds of ads: those targeted to search-engine users and those targeted to browsers of content-rich websites.
Searchers and browsers are two very different audiences and thus require different marketing messages. Are you checking your Search Query reports every week in order to harvest new keywords that people are using to find you (and eliminate irrelevant terms that are triggering your ads)?
My most important job is being the most efficient with every dollar, every medium, every day, and this can help you get more results for less money!
How does a new Car dealership in a town of population of 40,000 sell 100 used cars a month? Being a car dealer and doing a “Major Blowout Sale” every week can be a little…underwhelming…to say the least. 1.       She’s unique, and out of the 5 other car commercials people will see in the same program, chances are, none of them will be cartoon animation. Do you sometimes feel like you do the same thing every week, day in and day out, year after year? 3.       ACTUAL SERVICE SPECIAL – How is this special different from your monthly mailers and coupons on your website? 5.       SOCIAL MEDIA – Ask them to “like” your Facebook page and to “follow” you on Twitter! Bottom line…when emailing to an automotive customer base, paying attention to these key details can make a HUGE difference. Harley Davidson Motor Trike Trike Dealer Trike Sales Trike Conversions dealers for Motor Trike, Roadsmith Trikes, California Side Car (CSC) and Champion Trikes, in BC CanadaHarley Davidson Ultra Glide, Electra Glide, Street Glide, Road Glide, & Road King, Classics, Street Glides and Ultra Classics. If you have room in the budget, do a few searches on Yelp, see where you show up naturally, and then you can decide if you want to upgrade your listing on Yelp or not..
If nothing else, find out what people are saying about all the restaurants around you and find a great new place to go to lunch! That’s Behavioral Targeting.  We gather up data and identify people in the market for what you have to sell.

Retargeting, behavioral targeting, and video pre-roll are three easy and inexpensive ways to attract new buyers to your website that may have not found you otherwise.
While direct mail is a viable medium, it is cost prohibitive to reach the same list multiple times.
You all have those lovely reviews from 2005 when you outraged one customer who has nothing but time to blast you all over the internet, and that’s the only review that shows up no matter what search you do. You might have had a great rating with Google until 3 weeks ago, and now you’re scratching your head wondering why you have a poor rating. They can take down all your good reviews they want, they can leave nothing but all the bad reviews live, and they can let all your prospects read only the negative crap that one guy from 7 years ago posted. So are you going to just sit there and let all your prospects who search for you see that your Google rating is 15 out of 30 and you are considered “Poor” to do business with?
When you hover over their numerical score, it shows you “Extraordinary to Perfection” I don’t know about you, but THAT’S who I’d want to do business with if I was in the market for a car. Instead of doing digital in house, I rely on my partner Josh Barsch at Straightforward Interactive, who, quite frankly, was teaching Google how to do Google advertising before anyone know how to do it. Did you know that Google is probably showing your ad for searches related to Honda ATVs and watercraft as well?
Searchers are looking for specific information right now, and your search ads should be tailored specifically to their queries. Google Adwords is indeed a self-serve advertising medium on which you can get up and running fast. Regularly running and examining these reports are essential for a top-performing campaign that spends your ad dollars as efficiently as possible. We all know we have to have promotions, and we have to have great offers to get customers to take action. We know price sells cars – show lots of inventory, lowest prices, get them to your website, and close with your tagline. Being a car dealer and doing “Major Blowout Sale” every week can be a little…underwhelming…to say the least.
We chose a Civic as our new “spokescar” because it’s the #1 selling car in California and the biggest opportunity for sales. You’ve spent $400 (on average) per new customer just getting the initial sale, and you’ve finally put your processes into place to capture their email address. What can you offer that’s exclusive to the elite customers that have given you their private email address?  Get them into the store for nothing, like a free car wash, brake inspection or tire rotation.
There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link that you think is taking you to a specific page, only to find that it takes you to a company’s home page. If you’re not advertising on Facebook, you’re not only missing the boat, you’re missing an entire fleet of cruise ships. There is no other medium in which you can reach 70% of the market for a few thousand dollars a month an average of 40 TIMES!
Pre-rolls run right before news stories, video blogs, or hundreds of thousands of different videos consumers watch over a network of millions of websites.
With email, you can reach a customer 3 times and still pay less than the price of postage on one piece of mail.
If your nearest competitor has more recent and relevant content, guess where your website is going to pop up? Sure, but a few (even a few dozen) videos won’t help much because they probably won’t show up in most searches. Right here, right now, if you want to compete, you have to incorporate videos into your dealership advertising strategy before your competition does. You’ve all been to classes at Digital Dealer about why your positive reviews are so important to searchers. Did you know that in order to post a review on Google now, you have to have a Google Plus Account?
I know how to put an incredibly easy and automatic system in place and get positive reviews posted all day, every day.
Bury them so that before anyone would find them, they’ll first read 100 other awesome reviews and the one ugly review will be meaningless.
I asked him to give me the top mistakes advertisers make so we can avoid them, not spend a cent more than we need to, and get the best results. The question remains: Is there perhaps a way to do this, get results, and not HATE your commercials? We’re all naturally drawn to cartoons as they remind us of our childhood Saturday mornings on the couch with a bowl of Lucky Charms. Use it around the dealership in your POP material, on a poster reminding customers to sign up for your newsletter, on your window stickers, [show the photo of the window sticker] or have a large standup cutout as they enter the showroom welcoming them in!

Ours happens to be “Shoppers who do their homework buy from us!” That pretty much says it all.
We’re all naturally drawn to cartoons as they remind us of our childhood Saturday mornings on the couch with a bowl of Lucky Charms watching TV.
Use it around the dealership in your POP material, on a poster reminding customers to sign up for your newsletter, on your window stickers, or have a large standup cutout as they enter the showroom welcoming them in! Now it’s crucial that each piece of communication has all the right ingredients for success and it presents your dealership the way that you want to be perceived.
Offer an actual special that is not offered to the general public and NOT on your website that any Tom, Dick or Harry can get! People will return to businesses where they feel VALUED and where they feel like the business truly cares if they show up or not. For this site, consumers want to find a company with the service they need, and they want to read the reviews of others who have used them. These ads have the highest click through rate…but people won’t necessarily come back until you serve them ads and give them a reason to click! You may have already put in place an internal system where you ask customers to share reviews online.
Do you know what the process for posting a review for Google would be if you don’t have a Google Plus account? Isn’t there a way to brand your dealership, drive traffic, and leave customers with a positive “vibe?” (there just isn’t a word more fitting). She allows you to create an overall friendly atmosphere EXTERNALLY in your ads and then to bring that INTERNALLY to the store.
You need to do everything possible to keep them from buying elsewhere 4 years down the road. Everyone has a Yelp listing, but for really competitive markets, you might want to consider paying for a premium listing. Facebook has an algorithm that tells us who is in the market for a car called “Auto Intenders” that performs really well and has much higher response rate than regular ads. Rich media banners allow you to have different tabs in the banner ad itself so they can choose which option they’d like to explore,  such as your Facebook page or directly to your used inventory, and this also increases your click-through rates. Thus, your ad needs to attract their attention away from the articles they’re reading in a subtle and general, yet attractive way. Chris Zikakis, owner of Lompoc Honda in Lompoc, CA, came to us last year and asked us these same questions.   The answer is a resounding “YES! Miller dealership group splits stores into two test groups, one heavy on digital marketing, one not. In this market, at this time, there are 1700 auto intenders, and you could serve them all ads for pennies. If your site has 10-15,000 unique visitors, you could retarget all of them for a few hundred dollars a week. You’re going to get the most traffic by dominating the entire search page for the most popular keywords so your competitors don’t even show up. Chris Zikakis, owner of Lompoc Honda in Lompoc, CA, came to us a couple months ago and asked us these same questions.   The answer is a resounding “YES!
We’re using her to promote used vehicles on cable and they sold 80 used cars last month in a town with 42,000 people.
First tip: Don’t send them a “Memorial Day Sales Bash” with all your new car incentives when they just bought a car two weeks before! I take videos for my clients, and I’ve partnered with a company that can take 1 video, format it into 5 different formats, optimize it to appear in hundreds of different searches, and then systematically, DAILY, upload it onto a network of hundreds of video websites, turning one video into 1100 videos… and is the only reason why McDavid Honda dominates the search page. You can target specific ads to groups based on their specific behaviors: vans for soccer moms, trucks for blue collar workers, parents who have 16 year old kids. You have the option to do cost per click [CPC] or cost per thousand [CPM] so you can get millions of impressions for free and only pay a few dollars per click! And although only 9-10% of the world is in the market for a car at any given time, we can reach all Facebook users 30-40 times per week for less money than one TV spot in Monday Night Football. That means, with the frequency you can achieve with your ads, you’re darn tootin’ they’ll remember you come car buying time. What are you doing to market your dealership to the 90% of the population who will not be in the market for a car until 12 months from now? Lots of options exist, but not too many as efficient and inexpensive as Facebook Advertising.

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