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Although the FE-series big-blocks have an identical external appearance in many respects, there are distinct differences in these engine blocks which are important to understand in any engine building project. Once you have found the casting number, and even if you haven't, the block casting date code can help. When searching for a block, bore size is your first clue regarding what you have found, in addition to the presence of oil passages, casting numbers and date codes. These casting identification marks have meaning, though few enthusiasts ever pay attention to them.
406The 406 block was a brute from the start because it reflected Ford’s desire to race and to win. Although we associate the cross-bolted block design with the 427 to come later in 1963, cross-bolted mains started with the 406.
This book addresses high-performance V-8 enginessuch as the 289, 302, 351ci small-blocks found inMustangs, as well as the FE series of big-blocks.Emphasis throughout is a budget approach to buildinghigh performance power plants through the use ofover-the-counter factory components and selectedaftermarket pieces.
The part that hold the lighter in place it the cigarette lighter socket and retainer part number C4AZ-15055-B; it holds the unit into the dash. First make sure that your console wiring harness is unplugged; there may also be a ground wire that is attached so you may have to remove some components to get some eyes on it.
I am trying to wire in a new instrument gauge cluster, and i cannot get the instrument panel lights to work? Where is the ballast resistor located for the ignition system in a 65 mustang, 289 2 barrel. I have an early 65 GT which has an alternator but the wiring harness from the voltage regulator does not have a wire for the Stator, only Field, Bat, and ground.
AWESOME 1965 FORD MUSTANG COUPE 289, 4BBL, 4-SPEED….VINTAGE BURGUNDY PONY READY TO SHOW AND GO!! SOUTHERN BORN AND RAISED ’65 STALLION WITH A RUST FREE BODY, GREAT STANCE, AND SWEET RUMBLE!! The Ford Mustang will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary next year and one look at this ’65 Coupe and it is easy to see why these Mustangs represent one of the most iconic American Classic cars ever produced. The black standard interior is a great compliment to the original Vintage Burgundy exterior. Hopefully you can see that overall this Vintage Burgundy, 4-speed ’65 Mustang Coupe is a great little Pony that is ready to drive and enjoy just as it sits. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it.
All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with an item, simply return it within 30days and the purchase price will be refunded. Blocks before 1965 had two-bolt engine mounts while those from 1965 and later had three-bolt engine mounts. During severe duty conditions experienced at high rpms in NASCAR racing, Ford quickly learned that the main bearing cap bolts had a tendency to work loose, causing catastrophic engine failure. Covering both big- and small-block Ford V-8 engines, this first-ever book on the subject provides indispensable information to the Ford enthusiast.

Covers the 429 intro., 390 & 428 Cobra Jet, FE & 385Family, 429 Boss, 427 Wedge, 352, 428, 429 & 460 development, 405hp, aluminum heads.
You should be able to get everything that may be connected to that wire out of the console and then be able to remove it.
Having lived its life in the Southern part of the country certainly made a difference as the body is extremely solid and very straight. I believe the seats and carpeting were redone at the same time this Mustang was painted about 12 years.
The previous owner was told that at the time of the restoration the motor was gone through and rebuilt as needed.
Of course it could also easily be taken up to the next level if desired and is a great starting point for someone who wants to put their own personal touches on it. I will be happy to negotiate a deal so we can get this beautiful car in to your garage as soon as possible. This isn’t a problem if you plan on using a 1965 and later block in a pre-1965 vehicle. Included are high performance factory parts, interchangeability between Ford Windsor and Cleveland engines, extensive coverage of the 302 and 351 series as well as the 352, 390, 406, 427, 428, 429, and 460 big block engines, factory casting numbers, etc.
This is a great bookfull of articles with hard to find information about the big blockFord. This appears to be an extruded sprue off the back bottom that has a bolt small hanger attached. I was looking at the wiring diagrams and noticed that the light to the transmission selector is wired in same circuit, does it need to be in place and grounded for the lights in the instrument panel to work? None of the wiring diagrams show this, but an old well used and torn shop manual shows it this way.
He had always wanted a Classic Mustang and after getting engaged decided that he wanted to pull away the Church with his new bride in a ’65 Mustang Coupe.
According to the previous owner, the owner before him in Alabama owned the car for about 15 years and about 12 years ago treated this Pony to a very nice new paint job in its original color, Vintage Burgundy.
He drove the car quite a bit and decided that he wanted to add a few Ponies to the original 289. The one exception was the 352 High Performance engine of 1960 which was equipped with mechanical lifters and not drilled for hydraulics. Problems abound when using a pre-1965 block in a post-1965 vehicle because some machining and drilling are required. One other change to watch for is on late-1963 and later blocks where an additional bolt hole for the alternator was incorporated into the front of the block. These upgrades are all products of the 390 High Performance engine and what was learned from racing with the 390. Do the wires from the neutral Safety Switch go from the switch to under the dash the fuse box? As I tried to replace the bulbs, they just kept falling out after I would insert them correctly. I replaced the constant voltage regulator, and the light switch, and all the bulbs, but all to no avail.

We had the paint wet sanded and buffed recently and as you will see the paint quality is excellent and this Pony really shines!!! If you would like to discuss a price that can put this Pony in your garage before the next car guy or gal gets it then feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss it. The 406 didn’t make it through 1962 without significant changes to the block, however.
Many of my auctions end early as I will be happy to negotiate a price with serious buyers and reserve the right to end the auction early. After owning the car for several months he added a few nice touches to give it the look and sound he wanted for that special day.
It appears that this Mustang wears its original sheet metal although I do see evidence that it received lower rear quarter patch panels at some point.
He and his bride enjoyed their special day and then enjoyed driving this classic Mustang on weekends and to the local shows and cruise-ins. The trick here is, Ford never drilled the oil passages from the main galleries to the twin lifter oil galleries, which means no oil pressure to these galleries. We had it transported to the Atlanta, GA area and now it is ready for its next lucky owner….maybe you??
Drivers side view mirror shows some age and there is a small rock chip at the bottom of the drivers side windshield. Front suspension was nicely updated and a front lowering kit was added to give this Coupe a great aggressive stance. Beautiful set of 16×8 Vintage Wheels were recently added and the Falken radials are practically brand new. Another difference in the 390 Hi-Po block from 1961-62 is additional ribbing between the main bearing webs. The previous owner had taken several 2 hour drives and indicated the car performed great with no overheating issues. Ford also added an oil pressure relief valve to the block for added protection on the 390 Hi-Po. It is not what I would consider show quality but as you will see it is quite nice and will probably win its share of trophies at the local events. The engine bay has been nicely detailed and you will be proud to pop the hood at the local shows and cruise-ins.
Original Vin # is stamped in the drivers inner fender and the original door tag is also included but is not currently attached to the drivers door. A correct trunk mat was added and it appears that the fuel tank had been replaced at some point as well.

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