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In appearance, it was sporty, but it also was luxurious with its pleated vinyl upholstery and upscale interior appointments. The Thunderbird created a whole new class of automobiles, and no matter what the current trend, the T-bird was there, a step ahead, setting those trends. The Data Plate for the 1955 Thunderbird (shown below, click for larger version in new window or tab) is located in the engine compartment on the cowl just to the right of and below the hood latch mechanism on the passenger's side of the car.
The Thunderbird was named after the mythical bird known as a good luck omen to the American Indians. The closest thing to the Thunderbird in 1955 was the Chevrolet Corvette, which was taking steps to improve its car, perhaps because it knew Ford's T-bird would be a worthy competitor. Ford's marketing department determined that there was a market for a two passenger personal car, and that Ford could expect to sell around 10,000 of them per year. Surveys were done to find out what people really wanted and needed, and in the responses, lots of people indicated they would purchase a new Thunderbird if it retained its unique styling and more compact size, while providing room for four people and enough luggage space to accommodate things like golf clubs, and luggage for four people taking a trip by car. The first generation T-birds were considered instant classics, and became cultural icons used in movies, advertising, and on television. We don't recommend driving one in the rain, as the vacuum-operated wipers are close to worthless when accelerating, and all of these cars leak around the top, both convertible and hard top.
On automatics, you have to place the transmission in neutral to crank the engine, and like most older cars these will idle at a higher rpm until the engine warms up. Also, consider the availability of storage for the hard top, if equipped, and know that raising and lowering the fabric convertible top is best done with two people, at least until one is experienced at the process.
Corvette history - the corvette restoration page, A comprehensive history of the chevrolet corvette covering all generations and models and how they came to be. Hello all i am seeking information on where the vehicle identification number is located on a 1975 corvette. 1969 chevrolet corvette information, 1969 chevrolet corvette specifications, 1969 chevrolet corvette resources, 1969 chevrolet corvette pictures, 1969 chevrolet. To help you with decoding classic car serial numbers, those numbers prior to the modern vin system, we wanted to feature some sample decoding. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
The original Ford truck frame has Chevrolet C4 Corvette suspension with original Corvette composite springs - front & rear, power rack & pinion steering & brakes. Windshield is used a€“ there is used door glass in for mock up but truck comes with new cut door glass - new seals in windshield & rear glass.

Dash has glove box & ashtray a€“ your choice of original gauge cluster or aftermarket gauge bezel shown. There is a 1984 Corvette engine & transmission setting in truck right now for mockup a€“ not included in price but is available to purchaser of this truck. Not a sports car, not a luxury car, not a compact car, not a family car, but a personal car. They were more comfortable, easier to drive, required less maintenance, and were more dependable.
Displayed with outstretched wings, the Thunderbird is seen frequently in Southwestern Indian art, and is believed to have the power to bring thunder, lightening, and rain to the parched desert in the Southwest by flapping its wings. Plus, the new sporty car would draw more people into dealer showrooms and some of them would buy another Ford model, so there were additional benefits to having such a car in the line, even if they weren't actually selling in big numbers. The new larger Thunderbird would debut in 1958, which meant the original two passenger personal car would be built for just three years.
Resale values remained higher than normal as people were anxious to purchase used Thunderbirds.
The brakes were adequate for their time, and are acceptable to today's needs as well, but drivers need to understand they will not perform as well as the brakes on newer vehicles, and caution must be taken to make sure they aren't used in a manner that could overheat them. Many have had after market air conditioners installed, and they are prone to overheating in hot weather while idling with the air conditioner in operation.
You do have to know the proper starting procedures to set the choke when cold and how to start a hot engine, and follow them or you'll likely experience starting problems.
It's easy to see why the new T-bird was so popular, its compact proportions, sporty looks, and luxurious amenities and comforts really made it stand out from all other cars. Rare factory FE series big block, auto, power steer, new genuine Torque Thrust wheels, new twin exhaust, new brakes, runs and drives. If you are also purchasing the 3rd member with our 9? Ford rear end, we can also recommend what the best suited gear ratio for you drive train.
With the wide whitewall tires and black convertible top, it's a stunning mid-fifties color combination.
The Thunderbird was said to be invisible to man, except in flashes of lightening as it soared through the skies with lightening bolts tucked under its wings. Most Corvette's produced had the V-8, but the six cylinder engine was still standard and seven cars were thus equipped.
First year production exceeded the forecasts, but there were those within Ford who wanted to see a profit from the Thunderbird, and even as the very first little Birds were hitting the streets, changes were underway to totally change the car.

Additional cooling fans and updated radiators can help, but due to design restrictions it's still an issue for most. Our construction style doesn’t stretch the wall thickness thinner, unlike mandrel-bent tube style frames. Additionally, the serial number is stamped on the right front chassis rail, which can be observed with the hood raised. The war was over and people were putting it behind them, looking forward to the 1960's, a decade of hope. A 12-volt electrical system was provided on the V-8 cars and the old 6-volt system came on six cylinder cars. About the only comfort or luxury feature not offered on the T-birds of this era was factory-installed air conditioning. Import papers usual ute rust but cool Patina, turns heads have many new parts and a full set of excellent panels for extra cost to buyer. They also don’t require being stress relieved to keep the material from trying to go back to its original form, which is straight.  . It was a personal car, sporty in appearance but with most of the luxuries people had come to expect in fine automobiles. People were shedding the stuffy, busy decor of the past and embracing sleekness, more minimalist designs. Of course, this was a poor showing considering the Thunderbird sold over 16,000 cars that year, and it's likely that the introduction of the T-bird saved the Corvette from extinction.
Have you ever bought a customized vehicle that you didn’t know what brake caliper the builder used when it was time to replace the pads? Chevrolet did not want to concede failure in the two seater market to Ford, so it poured money and resources into the Corvette to make it more competitive. Had the little Bird not come along when it did, it's possible Chevrolet might have cut its losses and abandoned the Corvette.

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