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TO FULLY SUPPORT THE INSERT AND TO BE ABLE TO RUN NARROW STOCK, A FULL LENGTH BLOCK SHOULD BE HOT GLUED TO THE UNDERSIDE OF THE PLATE. To fully support the insert a thicker block should be hot glued immediately under the insert. I ended up ripping a 2x4 into 5 strips for throat plate inserts and then ran them through the planer to thickness. I also used the router to custom fit a zero clearance on my craftsman, but I do like this new idea. Shopmade zero clearance table saw inserts greatly improves the safety and efficiency of the table saw.
4.) If you make a zero clearance table saw insert for a single table saw blade that will be used for ripping material be sure to always have a splitter in place. When you have zero clearance table saw inserts, you will be working more confidently as well as more safely.

Also, if you work with a dedicated dado sled for the table saw you will be glad to have different sized zero clearance table saw inserts.
Are simple joints that create an incredibly strong bond by inserting one wood knows that for this. The 2x4 wasn't quite as wide as I needed it to be, but the lack in width made just enough clearance for my fingernails to pry out the insert and thus re-engineered on the fly. Zero clearance table saw inserts can easily be bought or the woodworker can simply make the inserts in the woodworking shop.
The manufacturers should at least have a replaceable center insert like I have designed that comes out easily, but is strong enough to support a thin strip with some down pressure. This idea is made for the older style Craftsman insert plates which generally have too much gap on either side of the blade to suit me. Some woodworkers choose to make their own zero clearance table saw inserts from material they have readily available in the woodworking shop.

2.) Make sure the top surface of the insert is adjusted so it is even or just slightly below the table saw surface.
Once you begin the habit of using a table saw insert you will wonder why you didn’t use them previously. Then there are phenolic inserts that are purchased oversized so that with a little work you can fit it to the throat opening of your saw.
The gap alongside of the saw blade of the original table saw insert is wide which can lead to tear-out and also cause more sawdust to fly.

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