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I wear eyeglasses, so kicking up a storm of sawdust during a woodworking project often means safety goggles (not glasses), a disposable or half-face respirator, and even ear muffs.
Unless you’ve been looking for a horrible new way to add fiber into your diet, inhaling wood chips and dust during woodworking projects is highly undesirable. Because of my experience with JET, I’m hesitant to buy into respirators, air cleaners, or dust extraction systems if replacement filter availability could potentially be an issue. A simple particle respirator mask and protective glasses can help, but for some people and for some projects, they’re just not good enough.

Street pricing is about $380 for the shield respirator combo, which includes one battery pack and charger, and $390-$410 for the kit that comes with the ear muff attachment.
As an example, Triton’s powered respirator is currently off the market and replacement filters seem hard to find. For my potential usage, an air cleaner plus conventional non-powered respirator seems to be a better buy.
Any input about this particular model or any other powered respirator would be much appreciated.

However, with a wife in the health care business, I knew the price of respiratory problems down the road could be huge. USATurner's Safety Combo - Get a Resp-O-Rator (#53199) to go with an inexpensive face shield and save hundreds of dollars compared to those ultra expensive, and marginally effective, "powered" face shield and respirator systems!

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