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One of the simplest joinery techniques is the butt joint, in which the end of one board is glued to the face or edge of another board. One step up from edge joints are the variety of joinery techniques where sections of wood are cut away in one board to accept the end of a joining board. We'll also introduce you to some specialized router bits that can cut joinery, such as the cope-and-stick router bits used for building frame and panel doors.
It was nice to know more about the most essential elements of woodworking and furniture making that is joinery.
Become a member today to enjoy our complete library of videos and woodworking information online. FWW editor Tom McKenna has unearthed a bevy of ingenious homemade woodworking machines in this issue’s Looking Back department.

Festool's Domino joinery system is able to crank out hybrid mortise-and-tenon joinery faster than you can mount your dado stack. Learn the right way to prepare for, and glue up your woodworking projects—from start to finish. You can have the most beautiful wood and lovely design, but without rock-solid joinery, your furniture wont hold up.
Almost everything you build from wood will require parts to be joined in one way or another.
Finally, we review some of the more traditional woodworking joints including the dovetail and mortise and tenon, and walk through the many variations of these classic joinery techniques. Joinery holds the structure together and allows the piece to be used and even a bit abused.

In this video we demonstrate the variety of techniques available to beginner woodworkers from screws to specialized woodworking joints.
In these articles collected by the editors of Fine Woodworking magazine, youll learn how to use your hand and power tools to make tight joints that will help your furniture last for generations. In this book of articles reprinted from Fine Woodworking magazine, youll learn the secrets to tight fitting joints using both traditional and modern tools.

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