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In The Elder Scrolls Online, Woodworking is the crafting profession that allows players to craft bows, staffs and shields.
In the end, you need to maximize the rank of all your Woodworking skills to master this profession. If you want to get a small share of woodworking mats every day without any effort from your part you can spend a skill point in the Lumberjack Hireling ability.
If you're looking for THE FASTEST WAY to reach max level with any class, this ESO Leveling Guide by Killer Guides is a definite must have! Woodworking can also improve on crafted or already existing gear you’ve found in the world!
Raw wood is used in the creation of woodworking pieces and can be found throughout the zones in Tamriel.
Woodworking  Stations are found in towns and cities and are identified by a hammer and angle  symbol on flags outside of the station and on the map. There are also special Set Woodworking Stations located throughout the world that allow you to craft items with special set bonus. If you would like to start crafting as soon as possible while leveling, here are some must-have skills to get your Woodworking off to a great start!

Just keep putting points into these four skills in order as you level Woodworking, interwoven with your regular combat skills! As always, we hope you have found this guide informative and useful and will continue to update it as we discover more, happy crafting!
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One of the nice things about crafting in ESO is that you can take items you’ve earned and deconstruct them for materials. During early levels you can use Sanded Maple to craft items without spending any skill points in the Woodworking ability. Here we cover the basic and advanced mechanics of Woodworking in The Elder Scrolls Online as well as some best practices! If you would like to get a quick primer on the basics, check out the video. You can turn wood you collect in the world into fine pieces with various stats and styles as well. Some of the best wooden weapons and shields in the game can be crafted by Woodworking and they have the ability to fine tune their pieces. These special set stations require multiple traits to be unlocked for the various pieces of woodworking gear. HERE is a list of the Set Stations and their locations!

It requires 10 pieces of raw wood for each refinement and yields sanded wood and sometimes other useful items for Woodworking! Usually the Blacksmithing and Clothing stations are co-located with the Woodworking station nearby.
These improvements do not have a level requirement of any kind, so a woodworker can increase the quality of ANY woodworking item.
To do so, use the Woodworking Refine Menu and add rough wood (10 pieces at a time), then hit Refine.
You must also put points into the Woodworking skill tree to be able to craft items beyond the first tier (maple).

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