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View Enlarged Image Nails can be made of a variety of metals, but some are intended to be used with specific materials. Most commonly, nails are made of steel, but other types -- aluminum, brass, nickel, bronze, copper, and stainless steel -- are available for use where corrosion could occur.
The length of the nail is important, because at least two-thirds of the nail should be driven into the base, or thicker, material.
For a few one-offs, but you would want reviewFrom professional contractors, woodworkers to home owners.
Where fastenings are made into the end grain of wood, that is, into the sawn-off ends of timber, nails often hold better than screws, which tend to chew out the wood rather than grip it.
Nails have a number of advantages, though highly skilled wood-workers tend to look down on nailing as rather primitive.

Oval nails have an oval shaft and head that can be driven into plain wood with less risk of splitting it. Masonry Pins are a special kind of extremely hard and tough nail, supposed to be driyen directly into brick or concrete. Nails that were sold by the hundred for six pence were then called six penny thus making the larger nails more costly and then in turn making the penny size of the nail greater. For example, a 1 X 3 nailed to a 4 X 4 beam should be fastened with an 8 penny, or 8d, nail. In fact, for fastenings that are not under great stress and in certain types of joints, nails are better than screws.
Since it is rather harder to get perfect joints using glue alone, we have shown as a rule structures using screws or nails.

In addition, nails are manufactured with coatings -- galvanized, blued, or cemented -- to prevent rusting and to increase their holding power.Nail size is designated by penny size, originally the price per hundred nails. You can buy bulk nails out of a nail keg; the nails are weighed and then priced by the retailer. But it is true that over a number of years, nails may not have the holding power that screws retain.

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