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If you’re looking to buy a small storage shed that is only intended to store a few items, a metal shed may be an acceptable solution for you. Wood sheds can easily handle high winds and inclement weather due to their heavy weight and strong construction.
Since wooden sheds are treated to be rot, decay and insect resistant, there is no maintenance. With three different styles to choose from, wooden sheds offer great looks and variety to any backyard. Metal sheds can be damaged by hail and fast moving objects, such as a line drive off of your child’s baseball bat. While metal sheds have a few advantages, we will always recommend using wood when building sheds. Alan's Factory Outlet Amish built wood sheds and vinyl sheds are on display at 643 West Main St.
For the shear flimsiness of the metal sheds, plywood could be added to the interior walls for protection. Purchasing a shed can be a great way to add much needed storage space to your living quarters. We’ve listed the pros and cons of each type of material to help you find which shed is best for you. A wooden shed is the most traditional of the three and can be customised to create a very specific size or shape.  They can be painted any colour to match your house or surroundings, and they can easily be dressed up with unique features such as trellising  or window flower boxes. Security on wooden sheds is usually poor and it is relatively easy for thieves to lever doors open or break glass windows to gain entry. To summarise, wooden sheds are the traditional choice and look attractive in an established garden, however security is a concern and they require ongoing maintenance to look good and stay dry.
Depending on where you shop and what manufacturer you are considering, plastic sheds may also be called resin sheds, vinyl sheds, or high-density polyethylene sheds.
Plastic sheds are the newest type of sheds on the market and are becoming a popular choice for several reasons.
Plastic sheds are made of a vinyl material that makes the sheds lighter, yet stronger and more durable than wooden sheds.

Plastic sheds kits are available in a variety of sizes and from various manufacturers; the far east, USA and middle east are the home of the major producers. While plastic sheds are strong, they cannot bear much weight hanging from the walls as wooden or metal sheds can.
These sheds are functional but have a “play house” type modern appearance which can be off putting, they cannot be painted and are no more secure than a wooden shed as the locking points are  plastic.
To summarise; plastic sheds are easy to assemble and maintenance free, but poor security and “play house” styling can let them down. These are a good “all rounder”, although not as attractive as a wooden shed or as easy to assemble as a plastic version, they perform very well in all other areas.
Quality is the key word here, there is a huge difference in strength and performance between the cheap end of the metal shed market and the premium ranges.
Due to the number of components you should normally set aside a day to construct a metal shed, but once assembled they require no maintenance, are fire resistant (unlike wooden or plastic sheds) and can outlast other sheds by many years (the best metal sheds have guarantees of 25 years). Metal sheds are not affected by insects or woodworm and are ideal for storing seed or animal feed as they are also rodent proof. Without doubt the higher grade metal sheds offer unrivaled security, so if you have expensive gardening tools or machinery then this is the clear choice for you. Over the years metals sheds have also become more attractive, although they will never achieve the wooden shed look they can blend into the environment (many manufacturers now produce green metal sheds). To summarise, metal sheds have very few downsides, however they can take a day to construct and the superior quality versions can be expensive.
Our short and unbiased response is usually wood sheds are the best choice due it is strong construction and attractive looks. However, as you read on, wooden sheds last longer, are stronger and fit well in homeowner’s landscape designs.
We have heard horror stories of penny sized hail that has pierced through the walls of metal sheds.
Most metal sheds do not require much maintenance at first, however after time rust can develop and can weaken the shed. But the question is: how to make your metal shed look better so it’s not just this ugly building in your backyard.

First, we can mold it of what design we want to and also they were strong construction compare of metal shed. I prefer wooden sheds over metal sheds because wooden sheds are more able to deal with rainfall and winds more rapidly than metal sheds. I am tired of having to share my workspace in the garage with my wife's car, so I am looking into getting a 12' x 24' portable shed in the backyard.
We are going to respond to that question in-depth as to who will win the debate of metal sheds vs. Wooden sheds are constructed with treated 2×4 lumber, therefore they can hold heavy snow loads with ease. In addition, the designs of wood sheds allow more headroom inside so you can feel more comfortable as you navigate around your shed. If you plan on working near your building and have active kids, a wooden shed will be the best choice. When you buy wooden sheds, you get what you pay for; a worry free solution to organizing your tools and equipment for many years to come. During hurricane Wilma, the storm tore the whole shell of the shed including the roof completely off the foundation and just took it away, leaving the contents of the shed. The roofs on metal sheds cannot hold much weight; therefore you are putting your investment at risk of collapse. I am wondering if the metal shed will stay cool enough after insulating it with a window ac unit. I intend to move that shed next to my pond and build it out into a full-fledged dwelling and a nice one, with a loft bedroom, skylights to view the stars on the way to slumber.Thank you for comment! I feel wood sheds can be more sturdy, but there is some maintenance that will be necessary. My shop is metal and it just has the vinyl faced metal building insulation on it and you can't feel heat coming through the metal in summer in texas.

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