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A new study, featuring Estonian researchers and DNA evidence from Estonia, suggests that Black Death, one of the most ferocious diseases known to man, has literally plagued people for much longer than previously thought. The study, published in Cell journal on Thursday, analyzed teeth from 101 skeletons from 6 sites from Poland to Siberia, including a Corded Ware culture burial place in Sope, north-eastern Estonia, a source of several neolithic skeletons that have been dated to 2575-2349 BC in the study. An Estonian startup is testing out the new LiFi technology, a superfast alternative to WiFi, in a commercial context in Tallinn, Estonia. The British Embassy and its partners in the UK and Estonia are today launching TechLink, a brand new platform building partnerships between the two countries in technology, innovation and science.
Estonia has earned the right to organize the next European Union Science Olympiad (EUSO), a team-based competition in natural sciences. Estonian Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand and Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Bert Koenders agreed on Monday to the creation of a cooperative platform for studying and promoting international law, relevant political norms and state practices applicable to cyberspace. Estonian researchers are leading a translational research project in reproductive biomedicine with the aim of developing a quick blood test to predict, and consequently prevent complications at a very early stage of pregnancy. A mistake caused by the Estonian Certification Center, the state-owned company behind the software of ID cards, means that 250,000 ID cards and 5,000 e-residency cards will not be compatible with new Google Chrome web browsers, and while the bug can be fixed, the damage to the nation's image as an IT pathfinder, is done.

Garage48, in co-operation with the Estonian Tourist Board of Enterprise Estonia, is organizing a tourism hackathon in Parnu to find innovation in the global tourism industry. Japanese Minister of Finance Akira Amari visited Estonia last week to get acquainted with Estonian e-services and discuss developing digital societies and closer economic relations between the two countries. The Estonian flag is now proudly flying at European Space Agency (ESA) sites alongside other member states, after Estonia officially became ESA’s 21st member state.
There is widespread understanding in Estonia that world's first cyber war was waged between Estonia and Russia during the Bronze Night affair. Estonian universities and national government institutions are building a virtual natural history museum NATARC.
Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas is on an official visit to Dubai and Oman, aiming to promote Estonian business and IT solutions.
Elisa Corporation and the European Investment Bank (EIB) signed a 150 million-euro loan agreement on Tuesday to support Elisa's investments in 4G LTE networks in Estonia and Finland.
The popular Estonian e-solution for visualizing the annual state budget has expanded into the international arena.

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and political scientist and writer Francis Fukuyama discussed the future of information technology in Stanford University, Silicon Valley.
Estonian start-up ReLaDe is developing reusable biological enzymes that will change the way you wash your clothes.
The server allows to manage secure data exchange between the databases of Estonia and other countries. The company first said there are over 2,000 affected cars in Estonia, but this number has already doubled. Startup Estonia, the support unit of Estonian startups, explains the stats behind this reputation and challenges to be overcome to keep the startup scene going. Estonian company Bike-ID is now going global with its bicycle registry, aiming to help bike owners all over the world keep their wheels safe.

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