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So now for some photos and details, so basically without drawing the whole thing up, I wanted to have a window a door and a skillion roof and have the shed clad in the same material as the house so that it could provide some consistency in the back yard. When it comes to choosing a garden shed, it is important to find a design that will suit your purposes and last for a long time. The answer is that sheds vary in strength and weather resistance according to the way they are built. Sheds at the cheaper end of the spectrum are often made from overlapping rough sawn timber planks secured to a framework. A shed with this style cladding is made with horizontal panels that overlap each other and are nailed to vertical bearers. In this style of cladding the panels actually interlock in much the same way as laminate floorboards.
I love the style of the last picture, the little barn shaped shed, that seems very practical for my needs as well as being very cute! This cladding isn’t the weatherboard cladding that you see on the old houses made from timber. As an integral feature of your garden, and an important storage space, it pays to get a quality shed that will do the job you need it to for as long as possible.

Overlap, tongue and groove and shiplap are different styles of shed cladding that offer varying qualities of protection and structural integrity and, as a result, they come at different price points. This is the traditional style of shed manufacture and it provides a perfectly stable and secure structure.
As a result, of the three main options, this style of cladding offers the most protection against the elements, and there is the least chance of the wood becoming swollen or rotten. All of these things are relative and overlap wooden garden sheds will still provide you with many years of secure storage. I think wood is a good choice for building a garden shed but i didn’t know that it has actually different designs and styles. To go along with what you were saying, you may want to also make sure the shed you are selecting is shedsafe accredited. This is cement sheet in the form of cladding and has very good thermal properties but also lasts a lot longer than timber weather boards where this does not need the same treatment as its timber counterpart. Choosing the right option for you depends on what you will need to use your shed for, as well as how much you can afford to spend. Particularly suitable for smaller garden sheds and summerhouses, overlap cladding makes for the simplest, and therefore the cheapest, type of shed.

A wooden shed that will stand against extreme weather conditions and easy on the budget when building.
Pretty much what this means is that the shed is built with quality and structural soundness in mind. It helps to be aware of the different cladding options available so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your new shed. The panels are more intricately designed than overlap cladding panels, and more work is involved in the construction of the shed, which means that tongue and groove sheds are a little more expensive.
I know the safeness of your shed isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when buying a shed but it is definitely something that must be considered.
In hot weather the boards on your shed will shrink a little and tongue and groove cladding should allow for shrinkage without gaps appearing.

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