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Sheds NZ manufacture and market a range of quality kitset buildings for the home, farm and play. Firstly, you have to determine your size of wooden pallet shed so that you can decide a space and pallets as per requirement.
Pallet shed roof is made from wooden beams or fiber glass and the roof cover can be made from fiber glass or plastic sheet after connecting the beams and sealing the joints space.
Lifetimes line of outdoor sheds are made of quality materials with innovative design, offering a storage solution that maximizes storage potential.
These small Sheds are handy if you have a small gap that you could turn into a useful storage area. The timber used in these sheds is locally sourced and milled by us at Plankville here in Richmond, Nelson.

We design and manufacture a range of Garden Sheds, Farm Sheds, Stables, Hay Barns, Playhouses, Sleepouts, Cabins, Baches, Small houses, Offices and Commercial Buildings.
Here we’ll share some easy pallet shed ideas about how to make a shed out of wooden pallets.
Made in Austria to the highest standards, Biohort garden sheds offer unparalleled style and finish. From our hugely popular Duratuf steel shed ranges which we manufacture here in Hamilton, NZ, through to the luxurious Cedar Shed range, you'll find a shed to suit your lifestyle needs.Riverlea Group have specialised in Garden Sheds for over 20 years. If you want to go 100 % natural, we can build your shed on Red-Gum or Heart Macrocarpa skids.
When you purchase a Sheds NZ kitset building you can rest assured that it will be a valued and attractive addition to your property.

In first step you’ll need to measure the width, height and length and also to write down to make an initial sketch and size of pallet shed.
They are milled by us at Plankville and the timber is manufactuered into sheds by our Plankville team. Probably, you will percept that building a wooden shed is a very difficult and expensive task.

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