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Enormous wooden barrels traditionally used in the producing of soy sauce are suspended in excess of the heads of customers at this shop designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates for a sauce producer in Nihonbashi, Tokyo (+ slideshow).
The large circular barrels are hung from the ceiling all close to the keep. Made from cedar wood by nearby craftsmen, these are made to be as sturdy as possible to hold large quantities of liquid.
Shallow wooden boxes identified as koji buta – typically used for holding malt rice, a single of the elements in soy sauce – are stacked on best of each other, forming counters and show stands for different items.
Wooden shelves filled with more merchandise are flanked by extra panes of glass around the edges of the area. The bakery was designed by Sydney-based Mima Design with principals Mark McConnell and Micheline Li Yoo Foo. And not just the name, but also the white and natural-wood design have direct connections to Finland. Simple, healthy and natural are the key words of the bakery and the Scandinavian design supports those notions perfectly. Dutch designer and manufacturer of fine wood flooring, Hakwood, opened it’s first wood flooring showroom in Kitzbuhel, Austria.
From the basement to the rafters, the space has been devised as a real family home with wood flooring, vintage wallpaper, a fireplace and a stove. Offering a simple, fresh, clean, and modern environment, the design firm used the retailer‘s colorful product packaging as the focus of the space and incorporated the brand‘s visual elements with oversized graphic images in vinyl. It was designed by the minimalist architects at Claudio Silvestrin Giuliana Salmaso (London & Milan). Princi, also designed by Claudio Silvestrin, offers organic breads and other goodies made according to traditional recipes. Chirico store in Carlton, unlike the first one in St Kilda neighbourhood, has no coffee machine, deli or other distractions.

I have have been having a go at sketchup and have drawn up the following firewood log store which I intend to make out of treated timber so it should last a winter or two. I thought about removing the back but the store will be put up against a fence so thought the back would stop the wood from leaning.
All the people I know with wood fires have either an indoor store, a completely enclosed one or when I was in France ones outdoors but underneath the very long eaves on the house.
I'd have thought a slight breeze with the rain would lead to the logs in a store like that getting really rather wet.
We're getting a couple of wood burners in soon (someone's coming in to do some sort of survey before fitting them this week) so I'll be knocking together something similar. Buyers can pull out some sections of the handmade trays like drawers, revealing further bottles stowed away beneath.
Praktik Hotels has again engaged their go-to designer, Lazaro Rosa Violán, to create their latest hotel, Praktik Bakery in Barclelona. In its fewer than five years of existence, Komsufirin has grown to some 60 stores in Turkey and it sells predominantly pre-baked products, so it is by no means an artisan boutique enterprise, but we like the clear, minimalist interior, redesigned by Istanbul-based Autobahn. The store’s Japan-born designer Arihiro Miyake is based in Helsinki-Finland, and has studied in both Japan and Finland. Presenting an idea of interior designing, this monobrand bring the simplicity concept but still remain the smart and elegance interior works to their retail store.
This central Elektra Bakery location is a prototype redesign of the family-run bakery chain’s stores. And of course, about design, wonderful curving wood slats infusing light and warmth into the tiny space. Combination between wood flooring and tile’s style, bring a different ambience to this two storey boutique.

A lengthy wooden table sits at the centre of the space, screened by glass partitions, and internal lighting fixtures assist to illuminate the bottles displayed on best. The open, minimalist design by Edessa-based Studioprototype Architects helps to disguise the tiny space of 35 square meters (376 square feet) at a busy intersection. Komsufirin is operated by the Doruk group and it is growing at a breathtaking pace, aiming for 350 stores by  2013 and 1,000 stores by 2020. Shopping experience must be put at the first stage of customer satisfaction to be their main target to increase sales constantly, this BaDass store attend with its concept bring a warm environment using wood flooring, wood panel display with black concept layering wall.
Align with the tagline and marketing campaign as woman’s ready to wear boutique, this project of MIM design store also deliver the idea to build their smart and simple idea comes to reality as a store.
In Melbourne, Australia, cravings for chic design and amazing bread will be satisfied at two shops owned by Daniel Chirico.
It is a cool 74-room designer hotel where the bakery is not just a branding gimmick but the real soul of the hotel. It has the world’s largest wood oven – gigantic, at 12 meters (almost 40 feet) tall! VyTA Boulangerie, designed by Rome-based architect Daniela Colli, is located at the epicentre of busy urban life, the Porta Nuova train station in Turin.

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