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I don't know how big your sheds will be, but if they're 10 x 12 foot in size or smaller, you can pour a concrete slab with ease if the following conditions exist. If the concrete truck can pull up to the shed location eliminating the need to wheelbarrow the concrete, you'll be in great shape.
You can install a treated wood floor system that will not rot and will give you peace of mind for decades, if not longer. A waterproof wood floor system for a shed starts with a floor framing system just like an outdoor deck. I then prefer to install closed-cell foam insulation in between the floor joists that's located just under the treated plywood that is nailed to the top of the floor joists. You can get access to a series of videos that show you how to build a shed, including a wood floor system.

You know that water on the floor of that shed is going to happen like the sun is going to rise tomorrow.
I've built sheds with concrete floors and treated wood floors and both have stood the test of time. The foam insulation provides superior energy savings and comfort in case you decide to heat the sheds.
I'm not able to get much help for these projects and am wondering what to do about the floor of each shed.
I like to have at least 6 inches of air space between the bottom of the floor joists and the top of the soil.
It's also an amazing vapor barrier that stops water vapor from entering the shed through the floor.

You'll need a extra sheet or two to make a low-slope ramp to get you in and out of the shed. Be sure to use approved hold-down anchors to connect the floor system to the buried concrete footers.
The reason you want treated lumber for a bottom plate is because no matter what floor you have, it's possible for liquid water to flow across the floor and contact the bottom plate.
It also allows you to deal with critters that might want to set up a homestead under the shed.

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