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Alder-Planked Salmon in an Asian-Style MarinadeIf you can get your hands on a filleted side of salmon, this is the recipe to choose. Cedar Plank-Grilled Salmon with Avocado-Orange SalsaCedar has a deeply aromatic flavor that pairs well with sweet seasonings like the orange-maple glaze on these salmon steaks. Oak-Planked Peppercorn Tuna Steaks with Orange MayonnaisePress on a flavorful crust of cracked peppercorns before placing the tuna steak on an oak plank. Alder-roasted Salmon with Dill and CranberriesThe festive topping of chopped dill and cranberries makes this the perfect recipe to serve to guests. I recently agreed to write a guest post on the grilling blog over at Outdoor Gourmet, a great website that sells grilling planks, wraps and other accessories to make your grilling experience delicious.
The planks were soaked in water, although I bet you could soak them in other liquids to impart even more flavor. I laid some large, fresh rosemary sprigs onto the soaked cedar planks, then put my marinated salmon on top.

Once the salmon is on the grill, cover it up and let it go for about 15 minutes, until it is done to your liking. My plank did not catch on fire, and the rosemary began to dry out a little, releasing its oils into the salmon.
Grilling salmon on a cedar plank imparts a subtle flavor while helping the fish retain its moistness. Grilling on a soaked wood plank imparts a delicate smokiness to grilled fish recipes, keeps food moist, and is so simple that even a first-timer can plank successfully.
After a quick dip in a soy marinade rounded out with honey, ginger, and lemon, the salmon is grilled over indirect heat. Briny olives, sweet grapes, and rich salmon match well with the wine's balance of earthiness and acidity. When you grill your foods on a wood plank, it stays moist and the wood imparts a subtle flavor.

Many types of fish would just get overpowered if you paired it with fresh rosemary, but not salmon.
Place one salmon fillet onto each plank.Place the planks onto the grill rack on the side without direct heat, then cover. Choose alder, cedar, or oak planks, which give off a mild aroma that pairs well with seafood, and remember to allow time for planks to soak in water. I had some wild salmon with the skin on to use, so I made a simple marinade of olive oil, Meyer lemon zest, salt and fresh ground pepper. And then you add the hardwood smoke from the BBQ, and you have a really special salmon fillet.

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