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Not only are Yorkies good sports about playing dress-up, they rarely shed and they're great listeners when you need to talk. The silky terrier, not to be confused with his smaller cousin, the Yorkshire terrier, sports a long, flowing mane of hair.
In most cases, having a dog means finding the pooch's hair all over your home and clothes when he sheds his coat.
Just because your silky doesn't drastically and dramatically lose his coat like other breeds doesn't mean he needs no grooming whatsoever. A well-bred Yorkshire terrier known more commonly as the Yorkie is generally a very healthy dog in a small package. Eczema is a dermatitis skin disorder that affects Yorkie’s which appears to look like mange or heartworm, is not a parasitic disorder, and is not contagious or infectious. Certain shampoos, soaps, other body products and flea powders can cause allergic reactions to your Yorkie, resulting in loss of hair.

If your Yorkie’s hair is starting to thin, or is coming out in clumps, it's possibly a sign of a serious medical condition. The silky's single-layered coat resembles human hair in texture, and sheds very minimally compared to other breeds.
Because of the length of his hair, those few strands that are shed would cause a big problem if left to tangle together with the rest of his coat. However, the Yorkie can be susceptible to some health conditions such as allergies, skin problems, respiratory distress, congenital shunts, hot spots, eczema and more. If allergies are a constant or seasonal problem for your particular Yorkie, your veterinarian may prescribe allergy pills or shots for your dogs comfort.
It's typically the dog's undercoat that leaves the hair all over, and your silky simply doesn't have one. Your Yorkie will lick and scratch excessively, trying to find relief, all the while creating bald spots and open sores on the body.

You may find occasional lost hair during seasonal changes, or when your puppy transitions into adulthood, but it won't even come close to the shedding many thicker-coated breeds cause during their coat changes.
The show standard involves a coat that falls below the lines of the body, but does not reach the floor.
Contact your local Rockford area Petsmart or Petco for advice and direction on how to help your Yorkie.

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