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These old free utility trailer plans will still make a good worthwhile project that you can use or even sell. I found an old farm welding projects manual and it's loaded with some very interesting plans for equipment that is commonly needed on a farm, even today.
Trailer Bodywork Plans - Eight detailed pages of the constructions phases involved with building the body of a teardrop.
Gooseneck Trailer Plans - Blueprints for a 25' X 8'-'6" using channel or rectangular tubing.
If you have experience with building a trailer, here's your chance to share your story. Both sets of utility trailer plans were designed and created in the same easy to follow, easy to master, way that all my other plans are designed.¬†Here¬†is my website for car rotisserie plans if you want to see how nice they are as well.

I would encourage everyone to watch the free videos that give step by step instructions for building the exact utility trailer that is in the plans.
It included such things a tractor jack, weed sprayer, sheep holder, as well as a welding table, and different types of tractor trailers.Here I have included with permission two utility trailer plans and parts list for you to study or use for your own projects.
If you run a search for utility trailer plans on Google, you will see for yourself that no other website’s plans have 32 pages (per set of plans) of information to give you.
If you are looking for easy to build, easy to follow, and easy to afford sets of utility trailer plans plus over an hour of video, keep reading. Each one is a 32 page PDF file that can be printed out so you can take the plans out to the garage and start building your trailer. When you get done just reading through the plans and watching the videos, you will know exactly how to build a utility trailer.

Even if you decide to follow the trailer dimensions and design to the letter, you will have a very nice and solid utility trailer when you are finished. The plans also come with a complete material list as well as a full cut list so there won’t be any second guessing when you need material.

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