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In The Villages there are lots of ways to express your creativity and even give back to the community. The Villages Woodworkers Club was started in 2001 to provide a place for Villagers who were passionate about working with wood to express their creativity.
The Villages Woodworkers Club breaks members into five different categories based on interests. In addition to children’s toys, the Villages Woodworkers Club also has groups dedicated to cabinet making, woodcarving, wood spinning, and special projects.
In addition to these classes, the club also offers certification videos and training for each piece of equipment in the shop. The best thing about The Villages Woodshop is that they have all of the equipment that you will need already there. The shop has a separate room for carving projects that includes a small band saw, a tool sharpener, and a number of large tables with adequate lighting. Villagers have the freedom to spend one day a year working at the shop or spending 8 hours there six days per week. The club manages an 8000 square foot woodworking shop that is located on Oak Street, just off of Rolling Acres Road, north of Country Road 466.

Among the most popular of these categories are Villagers who are interested in making children’s toys. Even if you have no desire to go anywhere near power tools, you can still help this tremendous cause by volunteering to help paint the toys.
No matter what you like to make, there is probably someone else with a similar interest in the club. The club has educational programs that are available to anyone interested, even if you’ve never used a table saw or a drill press. If there is anything you would like to know more about, all you have to do is ask and someone will be glad to help you learn.
You can literally show up to work empty handed because they have everything down to dust masks and coffee. Having that type of freedom to pursue whatever you like is what makes The Villages so special. This website is not affiliated with, or sponsored by, Holding Company of The Villages, Inc.
The shop is open from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday and membership is open to any resident of The Villages.

Donating handmade toys to children is an excellent way to combine a woodworking hobby and a desire to give back to the community. Imagine the thought of building an entire project without having to run to the store for that one item you forgot about! The larger shop floor has just about any tool you could imagine, including band saws, table saws, scrolling saws, jigs, drill presses, planers, and dozens of other tools. Urban contemporary black finish brings a touch of modern design to any room in the home or garage. Urban contemporary chrome finish brings a touch of modern design to any room in the home or garage.

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