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Before you head out to your hardware store to buy or build a shed, consider what you want to put in it. Hang frequently used tools, like hand rakes, hedge sears, small saws for cutting thick branches and cultivators on the inside of your shed doors. For long-handled tools, like rakes and shovels, make some room against the back wall of your shed. Last but not least, keep your hose off the ground and tangle-free by attaching a sturdy holder to the outside of your shed. Your tips will very useful for me, because I recently bought a small garden with an old shed and in the spring I want to refresh it a little bit. This was the perfect door for this because it opens up on the side directly across from our three gardens. Dave put in a third raised garden bed this year so that each of the triplets could be in charge of a garden.
The roof is slanted and since I didn’t want anyone to get conked on the head coming in or out of the shed by a can of Raid, I made a safety catch. Just underneath the garden shelves I bought two rolling plastic bins to store bird feed in.

Once one is empty it will be no problem to clean it out and change the label and use it for whatever I need it for.
Dave wanted a clock in the shed, so we brought out one that he had in the basement and didn’t use much.
Don’t forget to link your organizing, cleaning or DIY posts to my Organizing Mission link party! Also I’m having a huge giveaway $100 prize total, blog makeovers and necklaces up for grabs to 4 winners. We had so much we had to get in this shed to open up space in our garage I had to make as much usable space as I could. I am re-organizing my storage shed after a renovation and was looking for ideas, which is how I found your blog.
It’ll make your home and function existence appears a lot more structured and if you use the storage sheds wisely after that your whole life may really feel much less cluttered. I want to build a tool shed but don’t know where to start, I found the info here worthwhile, I will take a quick look at your web site to see if you can aid me. I'm a Professional Organizer, Mom and Step Mom to eight, and a Senior Content Manager for Collective Bias.

It’s easy to lose your garden essentials in the garage, so consider giving them a home of their own this year. Seems you always need a pair of scissors and I must have used them a half dozen times while I was working in the shed this day.
I will use those at this point for potting soil and any odds and ends that might be too big for the shelves. I like the clock, I’d need that or I’d forget to come out of there if I were you!
Especially when you need to rinse muddy soil from your boots before storing them in your newly organized shed! One more place I used the Command hooks in this shed is just on the outside of the garden shelf (near the single door) I hung one for my dust pan.

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