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They can also be customized for storing other equipment needed for the vehicle.You need to pick the roof of the shed based on the size of the equipment you wish to store inside it.
The roof trusses could serve as additional overhead storage space for storing smaller size equipments.
The foundation of the shed can be built using lumber, brick or concrete depending on the weight of the equipment which will be stored inside the shed.You can make the doors double, single or roll up depending once again on the size of the vehicle and your ease of use.
Roll up doors are more appropriate for garage sheds used for storing cars.You can additionally have a single door along with the roll up door for fetching smaller items from inside the shed without having to open the huge roll up door every time.
Include a ramp at the door of the shed for easier movement of the vehicle.Make sure your storage shed blueprints have enough windows to allow for proper ventilation.

The air is required for the plants and also for circulating the fumes from the fertilizers and insecticides.
The plumbing must also be done carefully to allow for enough irrigation to the plants and for the runoff water from the soil. But, if you plan on growing orchids and other large plants then you may need a bigger garden shed as the plants will be housed there permanently. In this case it is better to build the entire roof using transparent materials like glass or plastic panels. As a craftsman you can now make that wish into a reality with a shed.You can design a shed to be a home close to your home.

There are many storage shed blueprints available for sheds which can be used as extra living space.

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