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Your local installer can advise you on choosing a wood-pellet heating system and mate it to a storage unit that’s appropriate to the technology and the space in your basement. Pellergy Burner fed directly from the Pellergy Hopper; however, in this system the hopper is filled with bulk wood pellets from the Free Standing Flexible Bin (the big blue bag on the Left) with a Pellergy automated auger system. An Steel Bin installed in a basement of a home using a Pellergy PB-3550 Wood Pellet Burner System.
They are usually produced as a byproduct of sawmilling and other wood transformation activities. You can start small, warming a room with a pellet stove, or you can decide to use wood pellets to heat your entire house (hot water too). Wood pellet delivery trucks are equipped with a flexible pneumatic hose that blows the pellets through a 4-inch connection on the exterior of your house into the storage hopper.  The connections are capped off to make a water-tight seal. And if you should eventually choose to upgrade from stove or oil heating to wood pellets—or from bagged wood pellet storage to bulk wood pellet storage—they can help you make your decision and will install the new equipment for you. Two different fuel delivery systems, auger and vacuum, allow bulk pellet storage to be located next to or up to 66 feet from the boiler. The wood pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low humidity content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency. Biowin is by Windhager which is a third generation Wood Pellet Boiler manufacturer from Austria. The storage rooms work on the basis of two sloping floors that allow the pellets to slip down to a screw conveyor or suction system.
Them storage for wood pellets rigorously and discover a appropriate shed Plan3D is a new online service that may trendy resort. You may already be using standard 40-pound bags to feed your furnace or pellet stove manually. A HS Tarm wood pellet boiler fed with bulk pellets using a Pellergy Automated Auger System and a Stick-Framed bulk storage bin that the customer constructed on-site.

An Exterior Silo installed outside a Greenhouse that is completely heated using a Pellergy PB-3550 Wood Pellet Burner System.
If you choose to order pellets in bulk, a local supplier will deliver them to your home on a regular schedule. To find out more about heating your home with pellets, we can put you in touch with a local installer; they can advise you on the technology best suited to your needs.
Averaged over the past 10 years it costs about a third less to heat your home with pellets compared with oil. Maine Energy Systems offers several wood pellet storage options to fit your space and needs.
Storage System ManufacturersYou will find information on companies that supply the components for pellet storage among our industry links.
We offer you The BioWIN range of wood pellet storage units, they are 4 storage options available. Bulk storage of pellets is considerably cheaper to buy & would be recommended for people looking to make big savings on energy bills. Many sizes and configurations are available, these options ensure safe, automatic, reliable movement of the wood pellets from bulk storage to the boiler. They typically hold 3 to 30 tons and are primarily used in industry or agriculture (to heat greenhouses, for example). The outdoor silo is ideal for applications requiring large quantities of pellet fuel such as municipal buildings, institutions or commercial projects. With its unique suction feed the pellets can be transported from storage room independent of the heating room. There are storage solutions—from small hoppers to bulk bins to outdoor silos—that can accommodate every homeowner’s heating and storage needs.
These are appropriate for homeowners burning pellets for central heat and hot water or pellet stove owners who burn over one ton of pellets per year.

Pellets tend to loose their effectivnesss and crumble and thus become unusable if they are exposed to moisture or damp surfaces therefore its essential that the wood pellet must remain dry for the entire storage cycle. Bulk storage units are part of a system that automatically feeds wood pellets from the hopper into your existing stove, boiler, or furnace—so you don’t have to do all that extra labor.
There’s no hauling, no plastic-bag waste, and the pellets won’t break down due to handling. As they fit through doorways in individual parts, they can easily be erected both as little stores in low-energy houses and as large-scale containers for commercial, municipal or communal consumers. If you’re tired of feeding your appliance every day or two and hauling heavy bags, you can switch to bulk storage.
Should the volume of a container not be sufficient, some containers can also be connected up to batteries.Underground tanksUnderground tanks are an ideal solution if there is no possibility for storage in the cellar or house. Lathe wood turning blanks, wood bandsaw to cut metal,woodworking dust collection system parts. The Stick-Framed Bin is filled directly from a bulk wood pellet delivery truck using a 4” flexible delivery hose and has a capacity of 6-Tons. They are also ready-to-use systems that only need to be erected or buried and transport the pellets to the boiler via a suction system (pneumatic feed system).
We offer you The BioWIN range of wood pellet storage units, they are 4 storage options available. This is because the wood pellet is far cheaper when bough loose in bulk and the the pellet storeage unit can either be built either outside the house or inside. Care should be taken to ensure that only special underground tanks are used to store pellet fuel as the wood pellets need to be protected from moisture and penetrating water, and the store from the groundwater (buoyant force).Sloping-floor storage (room expansion)These stores are often the most economic alternative.

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