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With proper planning a simple pergola can be built in a few days for a fairly affordable price. To ensure that your pergola lasts as long as possible you’ve got to choose a wood that can resist rot, insects and fluctuations in the temperature. After you’ve decided where you want your pergola to be, make measurements for the diameter and height. Pergolas are often paired with creeping vines and planters to provide additional shade and privacy as well as to make the structure seamless with the landscaping. If you need help selecting a wood for your pergola or would like expert opinions on the design give us a call or stop by Timbertown Austin, and one of our lumber pros will be happy to provide assistance.
Perhaps an even more potentially costly mistake would be to select the placement of your pergola without first making sure there is nothing underground that could be damaged as you start digging post holes. Wood is always a beautiful, inexpensive and readily available material to use for a pergola.

While we will always say that we think building your own pergola is quite easy to do and it can be done on a very tight budget, it is important to at least look into the pergola kits that are available either at your local stores or else online.
While it can add a lot of appeal you do have to consider how landscaping elements will affect the integrity of the pergola.
You could leave the pergola simple as shown below or plant climbing vines or roses to create more of a casual cottage feel. These simple shade structures are beautiful and practical all at once.  If you are thinking seriously about adding one to your property, then these tips will help to get you started planning and designing your new pergola. In return, you will receive a free pergola plan and also be enrolled to receive a 3 week Pergola Building e-Course that will teach you everything to get you started on your own DIY pergola project. A pergola is a great project for a weekend warrior that has already tried their hand at other backyard structures like a deck or planters. This lets you know how deep you will need to dig when you are securing your pergola posts into the ground.

You might also want to consider adding a trellis on one side to add greenery without having it on the pergola itself.
The pergola kits are all pre-fabricated and partially put together in easy to ship sections. Pressure treated pine is also a great wood for pergolas as it has an insecticide preservative and may have been treated with a water repellant as well. This year, we are hoping to add a trellis, pergola or some sort of a covered area that will serve as an extension off of the main house. Decide where you want the pergola to be before you start buying supplies, because it will affect what you need to get the project done.

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