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Over the years, Popular Mechanics has published several articles about designing and building backyard storage sheds, many of which I'm proud to have written. On the Floor Plan, it is required to show all Wall, Windows, Doors, Cabinets, Plumbing Fixtures and Finishes. When preparing the plans for a Residence, Work Shop, Addition or Shed, the Electrical Requirement is minimal.
The Electrical Contractor usually obtains the permit to do the Electrical work, thus the plans will not require any more information than is shown on these plans. To see the complete plans required for this project, go to the Sheds & Work Shop Design page of this Web Site. We sincerely hope that what we have presented here will help you better understand the requirements for obtaining a permit, or overseeing the plans that are prepared for your project.

Building is dedicated to protecting public safety through the issuance of building permits, reviewing  constructing drawings, and inspecting construction throughout the building stages. This section contains information on obtaining a building permit, the regulations surrounding its proper use, the requirements for obtaining a permit and relevant documentation.
These articles have always generated a lot of mail from readers looking for specific answers to their shed-building questions. There's a common misconception that building permits are only required for sheds larger than 100 sq ft (or some other arbitrary size). Such an out-of-the-way site might look nice, but it's not very convenient when you must traipse back and forth across the yard every time you need to retrieve a tool. The building inspector will ultimately decide which type of foundation you'll need to build; the decision is typically based on the size and height of the building.

I never build sheds with shallow-pitched roofs because they have very little interior headroom, they don't shed snow and debris very well--as you discovered--and frankly, I think they're ugly.For any gable-roof shed, I recommend a roof slope ranging between 10-in-12 (40 degrees) and 12-in-12 (45 degrees).
Roof slope is calculated by the number of inches it rises vertically for every foot of horizontal run.

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