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It is essential to pick a design which will aesthetically blend into the landscape and also serve your purpose for building the shed. You need to keep the purpose of the shed and the location of the shed in mind while selecting the shed blueprint.
So make sure that blueprints for a shed you choose are suited for your specific needs.It is also necessary to pay attention to the frost line and water line in your area while building the shed foundation to ensure that the shed base will be secure and waterproof. Clear out the construction site keeping about 3 feet of extra space around the shed and make sure that the doors can be accessed easily. To start building the floor frame use studs made out of 2×4 posts cut out to required length of the shed needed.

Then lay down few studs on top of them along the direction of the shorter side of the shed. Fasten the studs along the longer side of the shed to those along the shorter side by nailing them together. The lay down the top and bottom studs and then place the intermediate studs at intervals of 18 inches.
Hoist the wall frame into place and ensure that is level and square with the shed foundation.
Secure the walls to each other with nails.Construct the Door and Window FrameRefer to your shed blueprints and cut out the opening for the window and door frames using a router.

Keep enough space so that the door can be easily opened and closed.Make the Shed RoofIt is advisable to buy pre-cut trusses but if you are an experienced hand you can build them yourself. Once the trusses are all fastened into place, you can add the roofing sheets and secure them to the roof frame.

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