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I took this shed apart and brought it with me to my new place and have decided not to put it together at my old house the shed was on a cement slab that I poured I have everything screws channels included no instructions make offer and come get it . Located in Lino Lakes, MN Royal Winchester shed not perfect, 1 roof panel has a hole but it doesn't leak, back roof edge cracked, doors are dented but still function. Look down in the list for my post with links to the PDFs for 2 different versions of the Shed instructions.
I baught a royal shed used and the directions did not come with it I got directions from the internet but the door on the shed I bought is different.
The base channel and other parts are no longer available you will have to make your own just use metal angle or metal stud tracks usually found near the sheetrock at Home Depot or Lowes. I have this shed, including the 4 foot extension kit (10' x 12') neatly stacked and ready to sell. I have one of these sheds dismantled and neatly stacked, ready to sell to anyone who is interested.
I have had my royal winchester shed for about 10 years and its still in fantastic condition.
After having a tree branch fall into the right corner of my shed, I've learned the parts are no longer available.

I, too, like my 8X10 vinyl shed, and was distressed when hail knocked some holes in several of the roof panels. Hi all, Royal is not building sheds any longer (as of about 4 years ago), but you can still get some replacement parts for them by calling 877-362-3409. Folks I have a Royal Winchester Shed 8' x 10' that was recently damaged by a treeI need to replace a few pieces on the roof. I have quite a few replacement panels and trim available for the esquire model 10x10 now discontinued. The molds and old stock were sold to a US company but the stock of parts has run out and the other company has changed the shed design. For parts or a new shed you'll need to buy a used one. I had to move my shed and since it has been 10 years since I first put it up I am at a loss.
The company that made the sheds has gone out of business and a similar company no longer has any parts.
I put up 2 sheds using the one from the link a couple of messages back and the jobs could not have been easier!
What I like about the shed is that the roof and walls are thick hollow panels, which is fortunate.

I read somewhere else that the sheds have a 10-year warranty, so those of you with rotten doors should contact the company about warranty replacement doors. We opted to design and install our own floor rather than purchase the optional one sold with the shed.The instructions were written clearly and easy to follow. Since the holes don't go all the way through, a tech guy at Barrette Outdoor Living (they took over Royal when it folded) said that one solution is to disassemble the roof and flip the panels over. That puts the holes on the inside of the shed, allowing some functional although possibly unattractive patching with duct tape or vinyl tape as needed. We currently use the shed for storing miscellaneous items from garden tools to seasonal decorations. We have put a lock on the door for security.Occasionally the building will shift enough that the lock becomes difficult to get through the holes in the shed door handles, but soon it shifts back and everything works well. In fact we have just added a second unit down the hill from the first for more storage room!

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