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Here's a way to quickly trim the solid-wood edge banding on plywood shelves yet still give good support for your router. Clamp the shelves between the dadoed caps, as shown below, and then trim the banding with a flush-trim bit in your router.
If your router wants to tip when routing the outer shelves, rout all of the inside edges first, then unclamp the caps, swap the outside shelves with a pair of inside shelves, and trim the remaining two edges. If you like this project, please check out more than 1,000 shop-proven paper and downloadable woodworking project plans in the WOOD Store. This project requires some specialized hardware unfamiliar to most woodworkers, like bronze bearings and steel rod. American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014.
Veteran router table users love their ability to make super-fine micro adjustments or rapidly raise the bit right from the tabletop.

A few simple modifications allow you to mount the AW lift into most commercial tables (see “Fitting the AW Lift to Your Router,” above) We put our lift into our “AW Best Buy Router Table”. To locate the hole in the router carrier top, temporarily mount the carrier on the lift with a couple of bolts. Add a couple of 6-in.-wide sidepieces to enclose the router lift for more effective dust collection. To make the carrier for your router, drill the hole in the router clamp using a heavy-duty circle cutter. Updated daily, there is a lot to offer.Below you will find alphabetically organized categories and links to woodworking resources across the Internet. That’s why we were so thrilled when Richard Tendick walked into our offices with his idea for a shop-made router lift. Upper and lower clamp blocks capture the ends of the steel rods and provide attachment points for securing the lift to the router table back. Some routers have locating pins on their sides that require notches (Photo 14) to be cut inside the opening.

The lip around the back edge of the router carrier makes it very easy to align the two components. Not only does Richard’s lift offer above-the-table height adjustment (see “Benefits of the AW Router Lift,” page 40) but it costs less than $100. If you find the router is not perfectly perpendicular to the table, shim the router clamp. Note the notches cut in the clamp to accommodate pins on the motor housing. Plus, unlike the expensive commercial lifts, this lift allows you to change bits without cranking the router all the way up. And, unlike all the other mechanical lifts on the market, Richard’s lift hangs off the back of the router table, not on the top where the excess weight can lead to sagging.

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