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This type of greenhouse will keep excess rain off the plants, block the wind and provide shade from the sun making it possible to grow a variety of plants all year long. Now slide both ends of your pvc pipe over the rebar to make a hoop across the width of your greenhouse. Once all of the hoops and the two ends are in place, connect two pvc pipes together and cut them to measure 32′ long. Cover the outside of the door with remaining plastic or you can use plywood if you would rather. Leave the piece that runs across the bottom of the door in place for now.  Once everything is set in place it will be easy to cut out with a hand saw. This is the front side because it is all on one plane so that the plastic skin will lay flat on it. Cut the plastic out of the door opening - leave enough to fold double before stapling it to the frame. At this point it takes about 2 minutes to install the pvc pipes for the intermediate ribs - and the polytunnel takes shape. So I extended them with some scraps of PVC conduit that I had – I never throw anything away. This 2" PVC ridge on TOP of the frame keeps the plastic from sagging in snow or hard rain and prevents the structure from collapsing.
Now roll the 2×2 under one complete turn so that the edge you stapled is facing up under the top layer of plastic sheet.
I should have painted the PVC pipes with latex paint before applying the plastic sheeting – apparently this makes the poly sheet last longer, and maybe makes the frame pipes more resistant to UV.

Another PVC greenhouse – quite similar to mine but with a few differences that are very worth looking at. I built the 50 dollar greenhouse, but it cost me more like $200, because I had to buy most of the materials new, I did save a lot of money on the plastic, I know a guy that has a couple commercial greenhouses, one collapsed last Winter under the weight of the snow, so he sold me enough plastic for my green house for $30.
I found it easy to build, but made a few changes, I made mine 12 feet long, because I didn’t have enough room for a 15 foot greenhouse. I looked at the picture that shows how you used the thick plastic zip tie to secure the door frame to the the metal rods in the ground. Most pre-built greenhouse you buy need to be assembled anyway, you’re really just paying hugely inflated prices for the material. It has allowed me to grow plants that I normally would not be able to grow, produce crops that the season is not usually long enough to produce, and protect my plants from frosts, hail, or other severe weather that normally would have destroyed my garden. You can temporarily keep the frame in place by pounding a 30” piece of rebar in each corner.
You can have a beautiful 12’x32’ hoop-style greenhouse that can be built in a weekend and all for less than $400. I have a huge problem with gophers, found a solution to the problem was to use plastic kiddie pools for planters box instead of the typical wood frame. BTW, the gray PVC conduit is sunlight resistant unlike the white – although somewhat more expensive and is less expensive! One of my goals in building this polytunnel is to have something fresh coming out of the garden or greenhouse all year long. I also nailed lathes where the plastic was stapled on the outside to hold the plastic on better in high winds.

These instructions on building a greenhouse are for a 10’x21’ PVC pipe greenhouse that will stand about 7’ high. I would love to have a large, professional greenhouse, but that simply isn’t financially feasible for me. Or optionally, you can use staples, though they may have a tendency to pull through the plastic. My only hope for a green house now is when it goes on sale , i’m ok to spend $150 for a ready to do greenhouse, and will ask my son to do the assembling and building for me. So, instead I’ve found a way to make a large greenhouse that is functional, easy to build, and inexpensive. The front is all finished now,complete with plastic wrapping (bought myself a cheap staple gun set at bunnings in Launceston for 22.50 Aus currency). This article will explain to you exactly how to build a 12’x32’ hoop-style greenhouse for under $400. For the end with the door, cut out the plastic leaving a few inches of over hang to wrap inside and attach.
I was just looking at your side structure now and will certainly implement some of that to complete making the greenhouse a lot stronger sturdier job.

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