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This album highlights the Popsicle Stick Bridge that I entered into the Seattle ASCE Younger Member Forum’s Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition in 2009. Video highlighting the top three bridges from the Maine Transportation Conference Popsicle Stick Bridge Contest. Here is a sneak peak at one of my newest creations: a model suspension bridge made from popsicle sticks and parachute cord. At our college earlier this year, we had to build a bridge using popsicle sticks within one hour.

This particular entry swept all first place prizes in every category: efficiency, aesthetics, and poster.
As far as I know, this is the longest working popsicle stick bridge that a person can walk across. I have attached a picture of the bridge we constructed, that eventually won the first place.
I believe this is close to the maximum load it could hold because the platform the jig is resting on was significantly bowed.

The largest popsicle bridge was built back in 2008 in my dorm room at Prairie Bible College. For many nights I slept on the floor, as I was using my bed space as a worktable to glue the bridge together.

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