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To see a selection of cheap plastic storage sheds on Amazon UK follow this link: Plastic Sheds on Amazon UK, or see a selection of products below. I prefer wooden sheds, but when it comes to saving money and being practical I think cheap plastic sheds can be a good choice.
Of course there is the extra expense and cost, including the hard work or making or sourcing the materials for a strong shed base.
This is a picture taken last week of a cheap plastic shed living up to its name, victim of a strong wintery wind (notice all the erect and undamaged wooden sheds in the background).
For a longer review of the merits of cheap plastic storage sheds see this article: best plastic storage sheds. Unlike cheap plastic storage sheds, if a wooden shed falls over it will take more than 5 minutes to pick it up! With plastic, you can have an economical design that you might find in a big city with a wood style finish that might be found at a country house.Plastic sheds look neat, can be assembled by almost anyone and have little maintenance issues if installed correctly.
They also add value to your home by storing your items, but also looking great in your yard.The mold injection process allows manufacturers to make every part of the shed as they want, and build it thoughtfully.

This thoughtful design can provide you with natural light through windows, a dirt resistant easy to clean floor, or a slight ramp for easy access with the mower.Plastic sheds also come in a wide variety of sizes, from a small utility cupboard for storing smaller items outside, to 15 x 8 ft.
In this way plastic sheds can be good to store more specific items like a ride on mower, or long handled garden tools.Plastic sheds are good value sheds that are easy to install and maintain.
The two key ones are that they are affordable, and durable.Metal sheds do the job all year round, and if installed correctly can stand up to some pretty harsh weather conditions. Using metal also means that the shed wont need painting or sanding or any maintenance really.This is why metal is also popular with professional shed, factory and warehouse building firms. You can even paint it to suit your house.Out of the different materials for making sheds, wood sheds are typically the best looking.
The wood acts as an insulator that helps regulate temperature, which the other materials don’t do.More recently wood shed kits have become popular with DIYer’s. They can save time, and with a kit you don’t need a lot of tools on hand to put up a wooden shed.The drawback is that they can take the most time to construct, especially from plans. But if you do build it yourself, you can save yourself money and have a strong shed that will last you for many years.Wood sheds do require some maintenance such as painting and checking for rot.

Here is everything you need.Fabric ShedsYes it may look like a tent, but it’s actually a fabric shed. An inexpensive, easy and convenient storage solution, which will protect your items in good or bad weather.Fabric sheds are surprisingly good at keeping the harsh weather out. Stuff like firewood, your riding mower, outdoor furniture, your motorbike and ATV.Fabric sheds are also popular with market and fete stall owners because of their convenience and mobility. They go up quick and easy, and a folded up fabric shed will fit into the trunk of your car.But one of the biggest advantages is also a disadvantage. This excess movement will eventually cause tears and rips in the shed lining.Some reviewers think they can get 5 years out of their shed, before having to replace the cover.

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