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Palram’s 6' x 3' Skylight shed is built from Polycarbonate panels with aluminium and galvanized steel frame. Plastic sheds are the new cool - bringing better functionality and resistance against weather, wear and rot. One of the best things about plastic sheds is that you never need to treat or maintain them - making them the ultimate in hassle-free sheds. Our range of Palram Skylight plastic sheds provides you with a wide selection of sizes to choose from. Rat, rot and maintenance free, our Duramax range of plastic sheds has the ideal addition to your garden.
Our high-end range, the Lifetime range of plastic sheds are constructed from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and are fully customisable to your taste. Palram’s 4' x 6' Skylight shed is built from Polycarbonate panels with aluminium and galvanized steel frame. Palram’s 6' x 5' Skylight shed is built from Polycarbonate panels with aluminium and galvanized steel frame. This Sidemate is a stable and durable steel and plastic storage option, with a neutral colour.
Palram’s 6' x 8' Skylight shed is built from Polycarbonate panels with aluminium and galvanized steel frame.
Plastic sheds and plastic garden storage is ideal if you are looking for a practical and reliable means of storing things in your garden. We have a range of plastic sheds and storage options and you can choose to have one with a flat or sloping roof.
Whether you are just looking for additional garden storage or want somewhere to house your seedlings and keep them safe from garden pests, a plastic shed may be the answer.
Most of our plastic garden sheds have hinged doors and an integral floor, which should keep your garden tools safe and protected from bad weather. Although our wooden sheds have a floor, we still recommend they are built on a suitable, solid and level base in your garden.

Concrete Concrete bases are probably best prepared by a professional, but they do offer a solid, level and permanent base for your shed.
Patio Your wooden shed can be placed on an existing patio, or you can lay a new one especially for it. Buy this pack of Hilti Screws for anchoring your shed to a hard surface such as concrete or slabs. The shed is clad with a high quality PVC Vinyl and features a strong and robust steel frame. One of the best things about a plastic garden shed is that it is totally weatherproof; it also requires little or no maintenance, which means less work for you.
Top tip: Lay plastic beneath your Portabase and fill with pea gravel to aid drainage and stop anything growing through and into your shed. While a plastic shed may not be that attractive, it does exactly the same job as its metal or wooden counterparts at a fraction of the price. Some of our plastic sheds are large enough to store garden cushions, garden implements and even a recycling bin. Range of worth, strong, no frills sheds particularly designed by waikato sheds, who've shed, which should. This Plastic shed features a unique skylight roof to brighten up your garden building with the need for fiddly outdoor lighting!
The roof panels form a unique skylight, which floods the shed with natural, soft lighting throughout the day. These unique roof panels allow light to enter the building and maintain the sleek black exterior of the shed. The Skylight roof has safe opaque external visibility also prevents harmful UV rays from entering the shed and damaging your stored items.This shed is maintenance free and washable. The price of plastic garden sheds is significantly lower than the wooden or metal equivalent.
A plastic garden shed is ideal if you only have a small amount of money to spend on garden storage.

Ecobase Specifically designed to provide a firm, durable and well-drained platform for garden buildings, the Ecobase is the ultimate base for your new shed. If you prefer a more traditional style plastic shed then these are available and most of our plastic garden sheds and storage units are lockable. If you only have a small budget but you want something that is hardwearing and weatherproof, then a plastic garden shed may be the answer. This range of shed include an anti slip floor which can be anchored down to your chosen base. Our plastic garden sheds and garden storage bins are easy to assemble and each one comes with free delivery.
If you want to keep your garden looking tidy when it is not in use, then store your garden clutter in a plastic shed. If you are looking for a solution to your storage problems in the garden but don’t want to pay out a lot of money, then a plastic garden shed should be ideal. Plastic storage is made from UV stable polypropylene and may have hinged double doors and a hinged lid.
This is also included in the door which features a lockable latch for a secure and durable garden shed. The shed is extremely low maintenance, being made from polycarbonate, this means there is no need for annual treatments or risk of rust, rot or peeling!
With a plastic garden shed you can keep your garden tools and cushions tucked away and safe from bad weather. Plastic storage units are a great, budget friendly way of providing some extra storage for your garden furniture accessories and tools.

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