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The Huntington Hutch is the ideal home for your rabbit or any small pet including bantam chickens, quail, chukar or call ducks! This Welcome Home Hutch is made from strong colourful and attractive plastic and high grade plywood. An extremely tough, durable, long lasting one piece construction Hutch made from rotationally moulded plastic, having the benefit of being totally waterproof and windproof with no joints to leak, smooth surface (no wood used) so making it hygienic and unable to harbour micro organisms or parasites, easily washed out and wiped clean, with drain hole.

The split level style of the Huntington Townhouse Hutch allows for a sleeping area above and a open bottom so you can let your pets enjoy fresh grass within the safety of their hutch.A ramp provides easy access to the living space above and a door on each level gives you access to your animals from the front, as well as a hinged roof that ensures you can easily reach any area in the hutch. 36" to wishlist Print this page Pennine Welcome Home Plastic Rabbit Hutch With Legs. This hutch i perfect for the environmentally conscious that still want animal housing that is easy to clean.

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