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For enthusiastic gardeners, a garden storage box can allow them to conveniently store essentials such as garden clippers, soil, trowels, watering cans and more, without having to resort to pottering around the shed or garage. With many different variations available, garden storage boxes commonly come in wood or plastic designs.
Some garden storage boxes come in cabinet form, whereas others simply open with a door at the top.
Most garden storage boxes are waterproof, so you won't have to worry about rain damage over time. Some storage boxes also have shelves, allowing you to conveniently organise your garden tools and utensils. PLASTIC GARDEN STORAGE UTILITY BOX CABINET 2 MOVEABLE SHELVES FREE DELIVERYBrand New Colour Mocha & Brown!

Keter Plastic Rattan Garden Storage Box Anthracite or Brown Waterproof LockableCheapest On ebay!
HUGE Plastic Garden Patio Storage Weatherproof Chest Garage Cabinet Cushion BoxPadlockable-Quick Easy Assembly in Minutes.300 Litres! Keter Rockwood Anthracite Plastic Garden Storage Deck Box 570 Ltr Capacity XL Brand New Colour Cheapest On The Net!!!!! A small box can hold the important essentials, whereas larger boxes can hold rakes, shovels, large pots, compost bags and more. Bench garden storage boxes are an even more innovative design, which not only look attractive, but are also practical, giving you somewhere to sit on a nice day - perfect for garden parties.
So next time you're gardening, you can easily have all you need close at hand, without having to worry about trekking back and forth out to the shed.

XL Size Garden Storage Utility Cushion Box Shed Plastic With Sit On LidOver 400 Already Sold!! Incorporating a garden storage box into a bench also helps your storage method to fit in with the overall look of your garden. Keter Rockwood Huge Plastic Garden Storage Deck Box 570 Litre Capacity XL SizeCheapest On ebay!!!

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