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It took a day or two to build, and our new Grand Central Bird Feeding Station was up and has been well occupied for a couple of weeks now.
We went to Chicago this past weekend to visit my family, and sitting in my sister’s backyard, I heard one bird. If I put that up in my yard, every black bear in the neighborhood would be visiting and eating and destroying it… We call those bear feeders!
As a avid birder, you will have issues with roaming cats, It is legal to trap cats on your property, then take to your local humane society,Your info is confidental.

COMPLETE WOODWORKING PLANS SHOW YOU HOW TO BUILD THIS FEEDING STATION - WITH PHOTOS AT EACH STEP! We have a green protected area of about a half block across the street adn the hill we are all built on has been left natural except for tiny back yards in most every case in our neighborhood. I'll explain how to build it from beginning to end. Your birds will thank you for this one! I love sitting beside open windows on the second floor at the lower canopy height and just listen for the birds, the roosters, and the occasional cow mooing in the distance.

We planted 4 small new maple tree’s, but the feeders are breaking the branches off the tree.

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