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Constructed from machine rounded pressure treated timber for a rustic appearance, this wooden pergola will look stunning in a wide range of garden settings. Stylish and unique wooden pergola featuring a curved roof profile to better reflect the natural lines of your garden.
This freestanding large wooden garden pergola takes its design inspiration from the orient.. We think these oar plans and patterns will create not only superior oars for your classic small boat, but a shop project that's as satisfying as any woodworking project can be. Great solid pergola, we cut the legs down a bit as it was quite high and as not setting in ground didn't need the extra length.
To further enhance the look of the pergola, it can be stained or painted to the colour of your choice on site. If you would like to build this corner pergola in your garden these corner pergola plans will help you to achieve your dream! A corner pergola is a very beautiful feature in it's own right, adding height, interest and, with the use of wonderful climbing plants, colour and fragrance to a garden.
It is rather an unusual pergola with the fabulous radiating rafters being the most eye-catching feature. Adapting the corner pergola plans, to give a truly unique structure, is also easy, and detailed instructions are given on how you might do this.This particular pergola was built as a bespoke structure for a client. By eliminating the short sides, we were able to create a three-sided, rather than a five-sided corner pergola.This is another corner pergola that has been adapted to fit around the magnificent stump of a tree. See the 'Fantastic Offers' page for more bargains on pergola kits, tools and all things gardening! Here are the three pergolas designs made from from the free plans: The main plans are a standard box pergola (shown above with a rambler rose and clematis) with notched rafters that run in both directions. This pergola picture shows how the main wood pergola plans can be adapted to include notched and raised rafters with purlins. Visitors to the website will sometimes ask for specific plans for a pergola they wish to build, and this is how most of these additional plans were conceived!
Both of these pergola styles can fit beautifully into a corner of the garden or patio: the first being a traditional design with radiating rafters, the second with wonderful curved, Asian style rafters.
Also with radiating rafters - either a six or twelve spoke design - we have the hexagonal pergola. Then we have the arbour pergola plans which can be made into an arch, an arbour, or any size of pergola.
The seated arbour plans can be made in two different styles, the first having a beautiful, curved main rafter, the second with very easy to build straight rafters. The planter can be made with or without the 'fins', and using any thickness or length of wood.

These simple pergola plans use trellis for the roof instead of many of the rafters, cutting down on the quantity of materials, time, effort and brain power. Manufactured from steel and finished in a gun metal grey powder coat paint, the St Tropez retractable roof pergola will create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area.
Taking inspiration from the far east, this wonderful pergola will provide a stunning focal point to your patio.
Ideal for creating a covered seating area within your garden, the Tea House pergola takes its design inspiration from the Far East.
Suitable for a wide range of settings, the pergola will be ideally suited to being positioned over any existing patios and will create a whole new dimension to the space. As an alternative use, the pergola is of sufficient size to enable it to be used as a carport. It gives a feeling of being cosy and welcoming, drawing everyone under it's spell!Fitting very snugly into the space, a corner pergola will give a panoramic view of the garden, whilst also giving a sense of enclosure.
They splay out to focus on other garden features such as planted borders, water features, sculptures and other hard landscaping structures, and yet draw the eye to the apex of the pergola itself, encouraging you to sit underneath.
The traditional corner pergola was adapted to fit into the recess where the seat can be seen.
They also show the different ways of constructing a pergola and patio combination (this is a bit like solving the problem of which came first, the chicken or the egg!).
If you have any questions about the plans and how they can be adapted, feel free to get in touch using the contact form.Learn how to do things a step at a time and it will all come together beautifully! Perfect for creating a stunning walkway over pathways, the Colonnade pergola will add a whole new dimension to the outdoor space available within your garden and will look amazing when combined with appropriate planting. This wall mounted wooden pergola will create a stunning focal point to your home whilst providing protection from the sun and light showers. Choose from a selection of stunning wooden pergolas that will offer a real design statement to your garden.
Constructed to exacting standards, the pergola will form a stunning feature to the outdoor space of your home.
This makes it ideal for relaxing, entertaining, a place to catch the sun or a shady retreat, depending on how you wish to use it! There are so many different styles of pergola you can make from the main free pergola plans.
With all the correct tools and materials at hand, this pergola should also only take a day to build, at the most. With a traditional oriental design with curved roof beams, the Dragon wooden pergola will form a stunning focal point to your garden. Available in a range of sizes and designs we offer the option of freestanding or wall mounted pergola kits in a range of sizes and designs.

Colour and scent will then fill the air as you walk through the pergola on a summer's evening or just sit in its relaxing shade if the sun is high in the sky. Suitable to be installed in a wide range of settings, the addition of a pergola over an existing patio seating area will create a more intimate and inviting space in which to spend time. It provides shelter and protection as well as a focal point for garden.Attached trellis panels are an ideal support for the most wonderful climbing plants. I can't wait to get plants growing up the trellis now!"IanCumbria, United Kingdom.Here’s to you and your wonderful corner pergola.Have fun! I am currently building a pergola to connect my house to the garden, and I was a little unsure about some details concerning the rafters. Also, find more specific information within the plans themselves.Adapting the plans is easy. High quality free standing wooden pergola featuring a retractable canopy that is designed to provide protection from both the sun and light showers. Woodworking plans & tools fine woodworking project & supplies at woodcraft, window box plans pdf,dewalt hand planer reviews. You'll then have to agree that this pergola is a superb way to lift your garden out of the ordinary, providing a focal point that is both practical and eye catching. From a basic rustic rose pergola that will add charm and character through to an elaborate oriental style pergola, we are sure to have a design suitable to meet your individual tastes.
The only restriction is that the pergola footprint size is determined by the size of the trellis panel you use for the roof.The second simple pergola design has rafters that sit on top of the supports. Both sets of plans are fully adaptable, the only restriction of Design 1 being the size of trellis you are able to source. Wooden Pergola Design: let the Berkshire Gardening and Design Company help you create the perfect wooden pergola. Pergola Design: creepers such as grape vines and jasmin love pergolas, we can paint your pergola any colour you like. To make your pergola a unique and interesting garden structure, use one of the 18 free rafter tail templates to give it a real 'Wow' factor. We were 6 screws and two brackets short plus the plans with the order were for the smaller pergola.

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