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Here are the three pergolas designs made from from the free plans: The main plans are a standard box pergola (shown above with a rambler rose and clematis) with notched rafters that run in both directions. The seated arbour plans can be made in two different styles, the first having a beautiful, curved main rafter, the second with very easy to build straight rafters.
The planter can be made with or without the 'fins', and using any thickness or length of wood. There are so many different styles of pergola you can make from the main free pergola plans.
Building you want to construct and secure smaller gadgets time, your constructing strategies will have your. The example design is just that, an example, with easy to change elements to suit your own unique style preferences and situation.
If you feel that you would like all the cutting and measuring done for you, take a look at some of the wonderful pergola kits available in wood, metal and vinyl. To give your feature a truly unique feel, choose interesting garden furniture and accessories to make your seating area a really special place to relax and entertain, maybe including a hanging chair, outdoor bean bag, furniture sets, loungers, lights, patio heaters - or even a hot tub! Growing climbing plants is so satisfying, and makes all the difference to your newly built structure - their beauty, fragrance and height will add an extra dimension to the garden - and fill your senses!Find lots of ideas on which type of plants to grow, with advice on planting, care and pruning.

See the 'Fantastic Offers' page for more bargains on pergola kits, tools and all things gardening!
This pergola picture shows how the main wood pergola plans can be adapted to include notched and raised rafters with purlins.
The only restriction is that the pergola footprint size is determined by the size of the trellis panel you use for the roof.The second simple pergola design has rafters that sit on top of the supports. We are impressed at your magnanimity in making such accurate plans freely available for everyone. Simple or elaborate, large or small, build it as you wish!The plans will still work for any shape or size, even if the look is significantly different - using thicker wood, making rafter tails longer, changing the shape of the structure and the decorative rafter tail ends, having rafters running in only one direction and closer together, using a raised rafter style, or having rafters sitting fully on top of the supports.
Visitors to the website will sometimes ask for specific plans for a pergola they wish to build, and this is how most of these additional plans were conceived! The traditional corner pergola was adapted to fit into the recess where the seat can be seen. We like the idea of the corner design which would really suit our garden needs and were wondering when plans for this might be available for sale. Both of these pergola styles can fit beautifully into a corner of the garden or patio: the first being a traditional design with radiating rafters, the second with wonderful curved, Asian style rafters.

They also show the different ways of constructing a pergola and patio combination (this is a bit like solving the problem of which came first, the chicken or the egg!).
Also with radiating rafters - either a six or twelve spoke design - we have the hexagonal pergola. If you have any questions about the plans and how they can be adapted, feel free to get in touch using the contact form.Learn how to do things a step at a time and it will all come together beautifully! Once you know which size bolts to use and the length of wood you'll need - or where to find the pergola kit you're dreaming of - it's fairly plain sailing.
Then we have the arbour pergola plans which can be made into an arch, an arbour, or any size of pergola.

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