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Published : 30.04.2015 | Author : admin | Categories : Garage Storage Plans
My brother and I are two guys in their fifties and yet we managed to get the shed together in about eight hours. The cost is great for the storage you get, and with a little help to assemble and an anchor kit you can get a nice sturdy storage building. We live in the northeast and so it would have been nice if a local store had sold the roof strengthening kit for the shed.

We already had a nice concrete slab to put the shed on, so I was able to anchor the shed after we had it assembled. Also, I put some six mil plastic underneath the floor of the sheds as well as beneath the tiles for the ceiling (but over the rafters). Fortunately, this Arrow Concrete Anchor Kit makes it easy to provide your storage building with the structural reinforcement it needs.

The shed actually measures at eight by five feet seven inches, but after the shed is put together it is an excellent storage space.

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