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Published : 11.08.2014 | Author : admin | Categories : Simple Woodworking Project Plans
Fill all nail holes on your storage box with 3M Wood Filler and then lightly sand where you patched with 3M Advanced Abrasives sandpaper. The outdoor storage box fits all of our cushions easily and we have been using it both as a side table and as extra seating.
It rains here almost every day and I would have to grab the cushions off the chairs and lean them against the overhang so they wouldn’t get wet.
To keep the cost of the box down we worked hard on our dimensions so that we would use only one sheet of plywood, yet be able to build a box that would hold all of our cushions.

You could always use paintable caulk for this part, but the 3M Marine Sealant takes care it all.
I think my cushions are happy they are no longer subjected to slugs , rain, and pollen anymore!
My kids all fight over the WorkTunes™ when they mow the yard, so we got a second one for them. I shopped around trying to find an affordable and stylish storage box and was aghast at the prices!

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