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Buy Sheds Direct offer a huge selection of garden buildings and garden storage, with free delivery to most of the UK. Our garden sheds come in an array of shapes and sizes to suit all, so whether you're looking for a small storage shed to house your garden tools, or a larger garden shed with plenty of space and the possibility of using it as a workshop, you're sure to find ideal garden sheds in London. When you already have a shed, or don't quite have enough space for one, but you still need more garden storage, our wooden garden storage units are the ideal solution. SM Garden Sheds are grateful to our web partners Hadleigh Bathrooms for this opportunity to promote our range of quality garden storage and garden furniture.
We have well designed, quality pet housing for outdoor comfort and warmth, in a range of sizes. If you find any of our garden sheds in London (or anywhere else in the UK for that matter) with a similar level of quality for a lower price, give us a call (or email) and we will do our very best to match or beat that price. Our storage shed is the perfect solution for those limited on space or those that don’t need a huge garden shed! Vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles and lawnmowers are infinitely more safe and secure when placed out of harms way, in their own garage, shed or outdoor unit. Every kind of garden storage you could want is on offer at great discount prices, including Canberra metal utility storage, Duramax plastic storage boxes, Keter cushion storage and Biohort storemax units. Useless, old treadmill into something self storage company even if there isn't any sizes which have. Small garden storage needs to store a wide range of things – garden tools, a lawn mower and perhaps a strimmer, garden furniture cushions, watering cans and so on.
A solidly-built shiplap storage chest is a great option and it can be sited on a firm base anywhere in your garden.
If you’d rather have something you don’t have to worry about treating each year, a plastic utility cabinet provides a good amount of storage with no fuss. If you have a small garden where you cannot afford to install a storage box, you can choose to purchase a sentry box. Built to a size of 3’ by 2’1” this wooden store barely takes up any space and yet it offers a large amount of storage. You’ll need to measure your garden and consider where it could go but you might find you have enough room.
For all intents and purposes, it represents a vertical version of the large storage box, featuring shelves and an apex roof.
It is taller than the storage chest and has a shelf included as well for all those little odds and ends.
This guide is meant to present all of these storage options, so that you can make an informed decision. They vary widely in terms of dimensions, and can be used for storage, repotting plants, or as workshops. You can usually choose between different trim and wall colours, if you want to customize your order.For more space, you can try going with a tongue-and-groove storage chest. Picket or folding table towards not you're referring to a free storage shed portable electric.

Organizing things, particularly for those who're moving it to self storage Collegeville provides precise.
Knowledge of top-notch storage racks, shelving self storage services which are nationwide, have.
Wooden garden storage boxes uk,build your own pergola design,free outdoor woodworking plans - . Share this post:0000If you are interested in purchasing some new wooden garden storage for your yard, then you should be aware of all the options that exist on the market today.
Please note that our storage chest now comes with a metal chain to attach the lid to the chest rather than a material strap as shown.
These structures feature both a lid and doors, making access to your gardening implements very easy. They also represent a practical, convenient and cheap solution for your basic storage needs. If you're looking for the best prices on garden sheds in London with FREE home delivery, come and check out buyshedsdirect.co.uk! Our carefully chosen products come from some of the biggest names in garden storage manufacture, names like Asgard and Biohort.
This means that anyone looking for garden sheds in London can be sure that they will qualify for this free service, allowing them to save money and cut out the stress of having to organise carriage of their new shed. These useful garden storage solutions are great for gardens where space is limited, making them a fantastic alternative to garden sheds in London. We specialise in the supply of metal, plastic or timber garden sheds, garages, workshops and outdoor buildings. Wheelie bin stores and gas bottle storage are a neat and tidy solution to the problem of unsightly items outdoors.
Knowing what you have to store will enable you to find the best storage solution for your garden. While most gardens have a shed of some description, you may not think you have room to accommodate one. If none of the wooden garden storage options above satisfy your needs, you may try out some overlap storage units. Then you’ve got all those little bits and pieces such as garden string, hand tools and seed packets.
However in order to make sure you buy the best option for your small garden, make sure you know what you need to store in it and how much space you have.
As the name suggests, this is compact and has enough room for a lawnmower and a variety of other garden tools. This Mini Storage Shed comes pressure treated to cope with the British weather, the treatment protects it from rot and insect infestation for up to 10 years. Most manufacturers use a special prop to support the lid once it has been opened, which makes access to the storage chest very easy. If you do not require that much extra space, you can always go with a simple overlap storage box.

Due to the fact that wood is a material extremely well-suited for constructing garden buildings, it is used in a variety of structures, ranging from small to very large.
These small garden buildings are tall and roomy enough to allow you to store your bicycle within. They can easily fit your gardening tools, lawnmower, as well as the chemicals you often use in the garden.
SM Garden Sheds are proud of our reputation when it comes to sourcing the garden storage products our customers want. For those of you out there who think your garden is too small for a shed or greenhouse, think again! They are normally around 4’0” by 2’5” in size, so they are plenty big enough to handle all the larger items such as lawn mowers and larger garden implements. If you buy a good quality overlap apex garden shed you can store all kinds of garden tools and equipment in there and safely lock it away.
It takes up very little floor space and you also have the opportunity to add some shelving to the walls to create even more space for storage. This is the most popular wooden garden storage option in the United Kingdom, and for good reason.
Our garden seating is available in an array of styles, from storage box seating to decadent swing seats for a touch of luxury.
All of our wooden garden storage units have been either dip-treated or pressure-treated and come with 10 or 15 year anti-rot guarantees, respectively. These days we’ve expanded significantly and today specialise in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a wide range of garden products - from log cabins to climbing frames, sheds to summerhouses. We also have log stores in our wooden garden storage range, so you can dry out your fuel ready for that cosy winter fireplace.
However if you only have a small garden you might find it challenging to provide the storage space you need.
We've tested and rejected several cheap plastic garden chests in the past which have been great for outdoor storage over the summer but tended to go brittle and break when it came to a harsh British winter. Make sure you measure the dimensions of your garden prior to considering any storage ideas. Instead we've decided to offer this larger version of our best selling wooden garden chest in spruce wood which is built to last.
Customers may opt to have their shed or storage building professionally installed by our experts. Delivered fully assembled, our large storage chest is great for storing tools, children's garden toys and games, wellies and outdoor shoes etc. At SM Garden Sheds we are passionate about customer satisfaction which is reflected in our A1 service including free delivery covering most of the UK.

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