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It may well be true: servers do physically break and settings can become corrupted, which can result in a website being down for an extended period of time. Another possibility is your website is unavailable for a short period of time because the server is undergoing maintenance. There are a whole host of issues that might have nothing to do with your website hosting provider. The first step should be to check if it is really “down”.  If you can’t access any other websites or email, it is most likely your network or your internet service provider’s network. So, the next time you’re certain your website is down, dig a little deeper and look for range of possible causes.
With permission from Christelyn (subscribe and support Beyond Black and White here) I am reposting some tips I provided on her personal page on what you can do if and when “your” (note the quotation marks and catch the hint) Facebook page gets shut down.
Contact Facebook (click here and favorite that linky because it was hard to find) and ask them to show why they shut down your page. Since you are dealing with a drop in views and revenue to your website ask people in your network to share your website and your other social media pages to their networks. Create a simple graphic explaining the situation or just advertising your website and post it to your and other social media pages.
The post and graphic MUST ask your readers to to share it, subscribe to your website and follow you on your other social media pages. This is very common and may result in your website being unavailable for a short period of time.

If you have poor internet connectivity, your website might be doing just fine; your computer is just unable to reach it.
Our website, online marketing, signage, print design, and specialty printing services have been helping businesses in Kailua-Kona, HI grow since 2006. Write a post on your website asking your readers to follow you on platforms like Google+, your back up Facebook page, other social media and most importantly subscribe to your website until your page is restored.
A great way to start is to purchase pictures from photo stock websites or even use Microsoft’s FREE Clip Art.
Yes, it is pretty annoying situation when you see your favorite or the most visiting website is not accessible to you. Most website hosts maintain 99%+ uptime, but even 1% downtime over the course of a year is could be down 84 hours a year and still be u 99% of the time!
If you have a cell phone, turn off the wireless so that you are going through the cell phone network and check your website.
Likewise, if you have installed new software or downloaded programs—knowingly or unknowingly—your computer settings might have changed, which caused poor connectivity. It might be because the website is down due to some maintenance or is down due to some hosting or some server issues. Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media, are tools to drive traffic to your website and attention to your brand. When your social media pages get shut down (if you are geared to a certain audience, BLACK WOMEN, or have competition it will) don’t get down.

It also might be due to the reason that the website is banned in your country due to government policies or is blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) which is pretty common these days due to changing government policies. Followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media forums are great for the “About” section of your website. The smartest thing BB&W (subscribe here) did was create their OWN (yes, it is in all caps so you’d get the point) website and invested in using multiple platforms to share its content. But the website to which we are referring or any other website actually has a particular server in a country like United States of America where hardly any websites are blocked and mostly, all websites are accessible and that to at high speed and again the reason to this is that most of the websites in the world are hosted in the United States of America and that to the servers in the United States of America are High Speed Servers and further the speed is high due to latency effect.
Whereas, the websites which are hosted in other countries will have a relatively lower speed when accessed from the United States of America than the local country where the website is hosted. And to your due knowledge most of the website to check if a website is down checks with the servers in the United States of America and hence chances are high that you may not get it as online in the first attempt even though it is already online. How does Proxy Sites work How to Unblock Websites How to Block Someone on FacebookLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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