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I applied for and was accepted into Shedd’s summer High School Marine Biology (HSMB) education program.
When I turned 18 in September 2013, I made another change; I switched my volunteer focus to science and moved to Shedd’s water quality lab. Shedd’s aquarists, veterinarians, microbiologists and water-quality technicians work together to create the best environment possible for the animals.
My experiences with Shedd are pushing me to grow, not only as a scientist, but also as a person.

Since then, I have been working every week with Shedd staff members to test aquarium water samples, ensuring the health and well-being of the animals. As an intern, I’ve begun a study focusing on natural ultraviolet light throughout the aquarium. The relationships I have built throughout the aquarium are incredible, and the knowledge I have gained is unsurpassed. UV rays get a bad rap at the beach, but this wavelength within sunlight is essential to the health of many animals, from the photosynthesizing corals to reptiles, which need it to turn the calcium in their diets into strong bones.

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