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I have wanted to do something about the shape and thickness of my eyebrows for such a long time now but hadn’t really looked into the procedures available until these last few years. And I fully confess, my eyebrows went from bushy caterpillars to a single line of hair overnight all in the name of fashion. I basically want my eyebrows to balance out a little more, to start and end at a similar point above each eye, although I realise that eyebrows can never be identical – they are sisters not twins!
My current routine with my eyebrows is pretty low maintenance, I generally just pluck my eyebrows when I get a stray or stubble coming through and threatening to serve me with a monobrow.
So I have booked my consultation with the Whitethorn Fields MediClinic in Buckinghamshire to have their ?300.00 Semi-Permanent Make Up on my eyebrows.
I will therefore be charting my progress of having my eyebrows tattoo’d here in this blog. My first treatment is in four days time where the same colour as my natural brows will be tattoo’d in fine brush strokes into my existing eyebrows to give shape, definition and thickness.
I am beyond excited right now to have my first treatment next week, it will make such a difference simply for not having to fight my eyebrow pencil every morning as I try to balance the shape of my poor over-plucked and threaded brows. For now I have an aftercare sheet to follow as well as some vaseline to ensure that my eyebrows heal properly. I absolutely adore my eyebrows and after first having them tattoo’d I was told that they would look quite dark until they healed, but after a week they looked so natural and light it was incredible. This time around I had my eyebrows waxed first underneath the brow and in the middle before having some soothing lotion applied.

Almost a week after my second treatment my eyebrows have scabbed and shed to reveal a perfectly natural and full bodied set of brows which I absolutely adore!
The simple cosmetic procedure of eyebrow tattooing has made such a dramatic impact on my daily life already, I wish I’d done it sooner! This made me wonder if a regular tattooist would or already does tattoo eyebrows but after further research it appears that regular tattoos go deep into the skin so that they last, and as the years pass the skin is shed and new layers come through which means the original sharpness, colour and definition of tattoo will eventually blur out, fade and discolour the deeper down that the ink goes. After filling out my details at the Clinic reception I was led to a bright and clean treatment room and Caron asked me to lay on a bed so that she could examine my eyebrows.
That is all I can say right now after having just had my treatment; I am both amazed and in love with my new eyebrows and I am so so happy that I had my first treatment today. Both of my eyebrows were then tinted as my hair comes through quite blonde so it can distract from the colour that is being tattoo’d.
I decided upon squared off edges as my eyebrows are a modest size, but had they been bigger I would have had them rounded off. My eyebrows no longer start and finish from one side of my eyelid to the other, but trail off two thirds of the way to the side of my face, and in places they overgrew and others they never came back at all.
I hope that this will help others who may be thinking of having their eyebrows treated and in some way shed some light into having procedures done professionally and properly without risking your health and appearance over cutting corners with cheaper alternatives or visiting a regular tattooist to have semi-permanent make up applied.
It really has changed my appearance and balanced my face, my eyebrows seem so perfect and beautiful, I never thought it was possible to love a formation of hair before but now I do!
My eyebrow pencil has been redundant for almost two months now and I no longer worry about smudging them, going out in the rain and sweating when working out.

I therefore use a brown eyebrow pencil everyday to add shape and fullness to my eyebrows and have done so for around eleven years now, and I’ve never left the house without it. Which is why if you were to traditionally tattoo your eyebrows today, by the time you’re in your later years with white hair and a pale complexion you will have these dark blue blown out blobs for eyebrows; how attractive!
If I knew that I could have achieved these results before then I would have had my eyebrows tattoo’d years ago. Last night I tried to pop a spot by my eyebrow that was sore and still under the skin and it hurt like crazy and made my eyes water just squeezing it, so I wasn’t feeling very confident with the tenderness factor of a needle instead of a spot! The whole procedure from start to finish including discussion, measuring and marking the brow position, preparing the ink and needles, numbing the brows, tattooing and retouching both eyebrows and trimming and plucking the hair afterwards only took 90 minutes. My eyebrows will remain immaculate for the next eighteen to twenty-four months when I can then decide to have a quick pigment top up if I wish. The problem with using an eyebrow pencil is when you sweat it can run, if you absentmindedly rub the back of your hand across your brow it drags a lovely brown colour across your face with it, and if you wear it to bed you could be forgiven for thinking a small dog with an itchy bum had relieved itself on your pillowcase by the morning.

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